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  1. tamberchick

    Just 1 chick?

    If my broody comes through, I'll be in your same shoes. I plan on getting a cheap teddy, a feather duster, and a mirror, all to put in my brooder, which will be in my room, with wire window, because I do worry about loneliness. I'd let my broody raise it, but she's a first timer, I don't trust...
  2. tamberchick

    Sick hen / whats wrong!!

    She's better now. She's gaining more of an appetite. A few days after we found an egg covered in a little blood and gunk. She's a black star. Our rooster follows her and finds bugs for her right now, I think he knows she's not feeling well
  3. tamberchick

    Sick hen / whats wrong!!

    I have hen, who's close to laying age. Recently she quit eating, and is only eating a little bit. She doesn't drink much either. At first I thought it was sour or impacted crop, but now since four of my seven are laying, it could be egg bound. How do I know? when I get home I plan on checking...
  4. tamberchick

    Rabbit Babies!!!! genotypes MilleAM

    Hay is a necessity. It's keeps them healthy, and helps to prevent GI stasis, which can kill rabbits within hours.
  5. tamberchick

    Rabbit Babies!!!! genotypes MilleAM

    Rabbits have a better chance of survival if their weaned at 8 weeks of age, just like any dog or cat. Do you offer hay as well? Rabbits need 24/7 hay to keep a healthy digestive system. Those are some cute bunnies!
  6. tamberchick

    Rabbit living with flock?

    I would not encourage it. The chickens can bully the rabbit, and they have different nutritional needs, like rabbits need to have Timothy hay all the time.
  7. tamberchick

    Baby Sparrow

    From research, I'd say only 5-6 days old, so no, not a fledgling! I'd post pictures, but my phone does not agree with BYC. I read somewhere that birds cannot tolerate milk and bread...? Is that true or would you say that's for sure safe?
  8. tamberchick

    Baby Sparrow

    I found a baby sparrow under a bush in my backyard. I've fed him some Grandma Z's dog food, along with some of my chicken grower feed, and some baby food. Today I went and got some mealworms, and baby bird hand feeding formula. Does this sound like a good diet?
  9. tamberchick


    My duck has lived with chickens her whole life. There's squabbles here and there, but nothing to serious. I'd just keep an eye on them, it may be that their just establishing what they are.
  10. tamberchick

    HELP!! My cat brought a baby bird home!

    Looked like a baby robin, in the picture it looked like it had son red on its chest. At least you can say you tried!
  11. tamberchick

    What happened to her?

    I had a RIR chick, we got from a feed store. She was two weeks old, and since yesterday was lethargic, but still eating and drinking. I started giving her sugar water, and had her bear the heat lamp, which helped. This morning she was in the far corner of the brood box. I took her out, moves her...
  12. tamberchick

    Chick Enrichment / Entertainment

    I have two chicks indoors that are in an old guinea pig cage. They have their heatlamp, feeder, and watered, and a wooden perch they do not use. Any tips on entertainment or enrichment for them? They just seem so bored :/
  13. tamberchick

    How old when ready?

    Not before 8 weeks. Before I was a "experienced" bun owner, I had gotten a lil head when he was six weeks old, and he died suddenly, from lack of his mums milk. :(
  14. tamberchick

    Cannot upload images on mobile?

    I can click on the image upload sign, I can pick an image, but it never shows up. I use a Nokia Microsoft Phone. It wont even let me on the desktop version. Any help on this?
  15. tamberchick

    My chicken Adventure!

    Last year I started chickens, catching them from my neighbors feral hens they had let loose. I did a little research, and fed them chick starter, and then just sold them. I wasn't allowed to keep any, but this year, I decided that I wanted to start selling eggs! I went to my local feed store...
  16. tamberchick

    Best ways to pet a chick

    I have a pullet I raised, she was completely alone with my for a weekend. I had her put 24/7 she loved to cuddle behind my hair, and loved her tummy rubbed, which I think that part depends on the chicken lol. I dont exactly try to make mine friendly, a lot of my pullets just tolerate me coming...
  17. tamberchick

    Malnourished Chick :(

    Update ! He's gotten quite a bit better :D and is eating more and more everyday. Since his older chick friends had to move to the coop, we went yesterday and picked up a little RIR pullet who he likes, but he just likes people more. He's currently on my lap, eating away at some chick starter.
  18. tamberchick

    Baby Chicks!

    I've had chickens since last year, where we caught them wild and sold them. This year we bought our girls, and did on rescue. We have two Americana ladies, Chip and Dukie. Two Buff Orpingtons, Pigion and Clementine. One maran, miss tamber my sweet lady That's our oldest group. Then we have our...
  19. tamberchick


    Are you trying to?
  20. tamberchick

    What is the danger of not collecting eggs for a month to let my chickens hatch?

    They'll most likely be fertile if you have a rooster, if you don't, don't leave them under your hens. And also, the hens wont hatch eggs unless they are broody, which happens when they want it too. Good luck!
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