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  1. BugMunch

    Nabiki's SSC hatch

    I love all the updates and pics of the lil ones! Congrats on the successful hatch rate! :love
  2. BugMunch

    Nabiki's SSC hatch

    Cute, can't wait to see the others and watch them grow :love
  3. BugMunch

    Please help save my girls!

    I haven't experienced anything like this with my girls, but from what I have read online and in groups, I am wondering if your girl had sour and impacted crop?
  4. BugMunch

    8 month cockerel lost an eye in a fight?

    A friend of mine had a hen get attacked by a hawk once, and her eye looked like this...she kept her isolated in a dark room, food, water, and some antibiotic spray for chickens. Her bird made a full recovery and you can't tell she was ever attacked. Good luck with this fella! Keep us posted on...
  5. BugMunch

    We have our 1st time with chicks!❤️

    Congrats on the 2 little ones and can't wait to see the 3rd one, when it hatches! :love
  6. BugMunch

    Pullet or Cockerel

    I would love to see pics of them :love I added a few bantam's into my flock this year, they are slowly growing on me....always scared I am going to step on them LOL
  7. BugMunch

    Please tell me I don't have 4 roosters Brahma

    I am going to take a wild guess that they are referring to the wattles as beards? :idunno
  8. BugMunch

    Pullet or Cockerel

    Thank you :love
  9. BugMunch

    Have 3 that won't roost in coop, what temp is too cold?

    I am in SC as well...I would put a tarp up where they want to roost, or either some thick(ish) plastic, and they should be good. And I agree with Alaskan...I would reinforce that run with more than just chicken wire, unless you continue to shut them in the coop at night.
  10. BugMunch

    Pullet or Cockerel

    Whew! Glad to hear this, being in town limits, having a cockerel sneak in the mix would break my heart. Thanks everyone for the quick replies :love
  11. BugMunch

    Pullet or Cockerel

    I bought this RIR and both Light Brahma's as pullets....just wanna double check to see if that is what I have. They are 8 weeks old, give or take.
  12. BugMunch

    He or she? Easter Eggers

    I agree with the rest...1st one is cockerel and the rest pullets
  13. BugMunch

    Rant about my Chickens

    I hope your mom changes her mind and you get to keep your chickens....hugs to you :hugs
  14. BugMunch

    They grow so fast!

    Gorgeous! :love
  15. BugMunch

    Congrats to my mommy hen!!

    So sorry to hear about the second egg :hit. It is hard when they don't hatch and you see a fully developed chick in there, been there a couple of times myself. Hugs to ya!
  16. BugMunch

    Congrats to my mommy hen!!

    So cute! :love
  17. BugMunch

    First hatch, exciting!

    Yay! That is a good mama you have there....cute chicks! :love:love
  18. BugMunch

    First hatch, exciting!

    So exciting! Keep us posted on the rest of the hatches :love. I have hatched eggs using an incubator and once with a broody hen. My hen had 5 eggs under her, only 2 were viable...on hatch day, she successfully hatched 1, and the other died before it got out of the shell, so I am no help on...
  19. BugMunch

    New member

    Hiya and welcome to BYC! Congrats on being a new chicken "mama" and on starting up your new farm! This is a wonderful site, full of information and very helpful people!!
  20. BugMunch

    Solved Site question: Reviews and Articles

    I was just about to post about this....glad to see this thread this morning! Hope someone can shed some light on those numbers lol
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