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  1. noodleroo

    Tips On How To Tame Your Chicks

    How to tame your chicks: I posted this on another thread when someone asked how and when to handle her chicks. The warm air in the 'egg' thing really works: Start with a small brooder so that you don't have to 'chase' the chicks with your hand to pick them up. Talk softly while you are...
  2. noodleroo

    My daughter's homework tutor. lol

    And I'll bet she's a real big help!
  3. noodleroo

    Lets see your sleepy chickens!!

    I'm not sure if she was sleepy or just enjoying her massage. See the others waiting in line?
  4. noodleroo

    You know what to do - Add a caption!

    "Turtles and snails; you just can't leave 'em alone for a minute..."
  5. noodleroo

    Letting kids handle chicks?!?!?

    they'reHISchickens : I think it has a lot to do with the age of the child, age of the chick, and personality of both. I have GD who I'd trust with anything anytime. ( seriously-- she has the gift!) Others, under supervision. Some breeds of chickens are a lot calmer than others. Newborn chicks...
  6. noodleroo

    Letting kids handle chicks?!?!?

    Just wash your hands, people! Remember when there was no such thing as hand sanitizer? Soap and warm water work just fine...really. What ever you put on your skin goes into your body, like a sponge absorbs stuff. The bottoms of your feet and the palms of your hands are especially...
  7. noodleroo

    Letting kids handle chicks?!?!?

    Quote: My feelings exactly
  8. noodleroo

    I need some support, and didn't know where else to go

    I got this in an email this week. It's about the connection to our creation we all have. It makes me feel better and I thought it might help you. You sound so sad; like you are just waiting for the next bad thing to happen to you. Change your attitude to avoid these things. It's up to you...
  9. noodleroo

    Today all I really need is a hug...

    Isn't it nice to be able to vent to friends, receive support and then go on with your life. What a nice feeling. Glad its going your way. Whatever advice you get, just remember its your life and we (collective BYC'er) don't know anyone's circumstances besides those we personally know, so just...
  10. noodleroo

    Today all I really need is a hug...

    Advice from someone who's been there: Life is way too short to not turn on the light when you need it. Do not follow the bear into the cave. If you come upon a bear, just turn around and leave it alone. Explain the rules about bears to your daughter. That's pretty much it...
  11. noodleroo

    What is in my backyard now...(sigh)...Binkey didn't make it**

    I'm sorry to report that Binkey's journey with us ended last night. He was so weak from his food not processing correctly. I really think most of the milk wasn't getting to the correct stomach from the beginning. He just never wanted the milk. Sometimes things just work out this way...
  12. noodleroo

    help!! im a horrible mom..what do i do?!

    You're not a horrible mom...accidents just happen sometimes. Get the bleeding stopped, let it heal and your chick will be fine... You're chick forgives you; now forgive yourself...
  13. noodleroo

    holding chickens

    Quote: That's so cute...
  14. noodleroo

    Feather hair extensions

    Quote: SillyChicken; I like your attitude!
  15. noodleroo

    holding chickens

    I have some taming info on my BYC page so you might take a look at that. My pics show how gentle they are... There's always a way to tame them...
  16. noodleroo

    Do you ever have "enough" chickens?

    I just realized that I've lost count...
  17. noodleroo

    *you'll never know unless you look at this post*

    Quote: Oh that's was the most usual info.:lol: Well... Barbie and I are the same age and if she were life size with those measurememts, she'd have back problems now...really...
  18. noodleroo

    hubby has given me a timeframe to move chicks.....advise please!!!

    I'm afraid if my husband gave me a timeline to move my chicks, I'd have to give him a timeline to move out!
  19. noodleroo

    *you'll never know unless you look at this post*

    Real amber (the petrified resin) has a ghostly blue glow under black light.
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