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  1. fowltemptress

    A surprise from the boys!

    First, a little history: Last year I ordered two female Pilgrim geese from Ideal. I just wanted a couple of geese for pets and some eggs I could blow out and work with, and I ordered Pilgrims so I could be absolutely certain the hatchery wouldn't make a sexing mistake. The geese arrived and I...
  2. fowltemptress

    Weird things you find around the house

    Ever wander through a bedroom and get a tingling sensation that something was off in the room, go back to investigate, and see one of your hens standing in your bed? I didn't think much of it. I've been known to bring this particular hen in during particularly cold weather and let her sleep on...
  3. fowltemptress

    Area around beak swollen, beak turning black, pictures

    1) What type of bird , age and weight. Bantam cochin hen, about three years. I have no idea what her weight is, but she feels normal. 2) What is the behavior, exactly. There is absolutely nothing wrong with her behavior. She eats and drinks normally, her feathers look normal, and she acts like...
  4. fowltemptress

    Worthless pieces of excramental scum!!!

    What kind of lowdown evil waste of humanity drives around in cars TAKING SHOTS AT PEOPLE'S LIVESTOCK??? And what sort of worthless police officer STARTS CHUCKLING and says "It's only a sheep" when you take him over to see the BULLET HOLE through the eye of your favorite ewe . . . the ewe who...
  5. fowltemptress

    Confirming suspicions: Did Ideal mix up my order? Pic

    These hatched on March 10th. I ordered 2 female Pilgrims. Is that what I got? Because I'm really doubting it . . .
  6. fowltemptress

    Chicken Cartoon

    This cartoon may skew darker than some would be comfortable with, but it is exactly what I picture my hens thinking as I gather eggs, particularly if I happen to have a broody at the time.
  7. fowltemptress

    Duck question rated NC-17

    Okay, so I've just finished reading this thread. So I've been thinking about it, and most birds I've seen mating seem to work the same way chickens do, though I can't claim to have gotten up close and personal to be sure if it actually is a similar act. Ducks, however . . . well, there have...
  8. fowltemptress

    Is it terrible that I feel I have to try this?

    I just found out this existed. Having just finished a chocolate and bacon bits candy bar, I have bacon on the brain and feel I can't die before tasting this.
  9. fowltemptress

    Mute gosling?

    One of my new goslings, Hobbes, won't make a noise, at all. I thought she was just a quiet gosling, but I started getting suspicious because of how absolutely silent she's been, and because I noticed her doing things that looked like she should be talking, but no sound was coming out. I...
  10. fowltemptress

    I finally got a couple of geese! Pictures included :)

    It's been almost two decades since I last owned geese, which wasn't the greatest experience . . . while Mom and I were gone a week visiting family, my ex-dad decided to release my geese on some random city pond. He refused to tell my mother where, and she spent a long time trying to find them...
  11. fowltemptress

    Is this a stupid idea for new threads?

    Would it be silly to start several different threads, each with the purpose of people posting pictures of their stock from a specific well known hatchery? Like a thread for photos of poultry from Meyer, another one for Mcmurrey, another for Privett, etc? I know when I first started lurking I...
  12. fowltemptress

    Ack! Emergency!

    I was fit to die . . . I went outside this morning, did a visual scan of the chicken coop, and went into emergency mode. It was clear my chickens were very sick and would be dropping like flies at any moment, because there was something, very, VERY wrong with their poop. I'd never seen anything...
  13. fowltemptress

    Arrgh! Trying to find geese for a picky person.

    I had a source for Pilgrim geese which fell through, so now I need a new one, which would be easy if not for my SO. I want pets, and that's it, so if left to me I'd order from Ideal and be done with it. I stupidly allowed my SO to see picture of top quality Pilgrims, and he somehow found...
  14. fowltemptress

    WTB: Pilgrim Goslings/Hatching eggs in Texas

    I am looking for a source in Texas for Pilgrim Goslings or hatching eggs, and I would love to get any help anyone is willing to offer me in finding one. Thank you.
  15. fowltemptress

    Pictures of the flock I hatched from a designer egg chain

    These hens came out of eggs from justhatchin, siz8003, and sweetshoplady on a designer egg chain this past Spring. I handed them off to my mother in April or May, and I hadn't seen them again until this past week. I feel awful admitting this, but when I saw the chickens while driving up, I...
  16. fowltemptress

    Cider vs. Cider

    I have a cousin in law from England . . . went through that whole, "Cookies? I thought we were having biscuits!" thing with him, but other than that, we haven't had a food mix up in a while. Well, yesterday he offered me some apple cider, so of course I said yes, expecting, well, apple cider. I...
  17. fowltemptress

    Fowl Pox?

    We moved to an area that has more mosquitoes than I've experienced before, so this isn't terribly unexpected. Where there's mosquitoes, nasty stuff happens. First, though, I want some opinions on what this is. I just automatically assumed fowl pox since that's transferred via mosquitoes and...
  18. fowltemptress

    Happy October! BEWARE: too cute for sensitive stomachs

    After she spilled my bowl full of pumpkin guts and dragged the goop all over the floor while trying to choke herself by eating gobs of it that were bigger than her head, I decided it was time Calli earn her keep by posing for some Halloween adorableness.
  19. fowltemptress

    Anyone else have trouble saying No?

    My in laws were looking to rescue an adult scottie, so that they could skip the puppy stage. The rescues they contacted multiple times couldn't even bother to respond, so they found a breeder. Okay, good, they need a dog, everything's great. Then my SO comes home and tells me his parents are...
  20. fowltemptress

    My cockatiel recently discovered I have nostrils . . .

    She's 17 now, and frankly, I'm glad it took her so long to figure this out about me. Now whenever I have her on my shoulder (which is most of the day) she bides her time and waits for me to get distracted . . . then she makes her move. She sticks her beak in and is out again before I have time...
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