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    RANT! Dumb women and Valentine's Day!

    My bad. Sorry.
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    What's the temperature where you are???

    Here in VT the temps are really, really cold. Friday morning the temp was -27 degrees. That is OMGosh wayyyyyy to cold for my liking. Anyway, with heat lamps running in the coops the temp was at zero. We are keeping the coop doors closed, heat lamps going, and put extra hay down for them...
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    Knock at the's the cops!

    When my son was 3.5 years old, he was obsessed with the phone. On occasion I would give him the phone, so he could "talk" to the "lady" (**the recording that tells you to hand up the phone) while I was changing his newborn sister's diaper. His conversation was animated, and he hung up when I...
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    How Many Eggs Did You Get Today?

    My girls are doing well, despite the very cold VT temps. I have 28 layers and get 18-20 eggs a day. We are happy with the numbers.
  5. Aisle12Farms

    We have EGGS again!

    The girls must have been pretty upset about the predator, because they didn't lay more than 3-5 eggs for about two weeks. On Christmas day, the girls broke their laying record: 20 eggs in one day. We smiled, and thanked them for the presents. Has anything like this happened to your flock...
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    DOUBLE yolker - yolk Hatched! Video p. 16 ** 13 Week PICS ** p. 51

    Just found this thread today....watched the videos and LOVED watching the babies being hatched. I've never seen an assisted hatching before, let alone doubles! Thank you for taking the time to document this miracle, and helping to educate newbies like myself. You ROCK!
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    What are you cooking on New Year's Day?

    I am making a large crock pot of Chilli. We'll have lots of topping options like: sour cream, black olives, grated cheese, chopped onions, etc. I will also have small mac shells if anyone is so inclined. Tortilla chips, corn bread, and grab a cold drink. Yum! Here in VT, the weather is...
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    Crazy easy way to make hard boiled eggs

    Whoot-Whoot! Your DH is WONDERFUL!!!!! I have sent my DH to the store to purchase eggs (hangs head in shame) in order to make deviled eggs that looked presentable! We have tried soooo many ways to prepare the eggs, but failed miserably when trying to peel them. I shared your thread with my...
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    We have EGGS again!

    After a stressful event, the loss of three girls to a predator in one weekend, the rest of the girls basically stopped laying eggs for us. Out of 27 girls, we were getting 3-5 eggs a day tops. We sell 4-6 dozen eggs to a local artisan bakery each week, so the lack of eggs is twice the hit...
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    How do you like my new quilt top?

    That is BEAUTIFUL! You are very talented. Nicely done!
  11. Aisle12Farms

    Hey all you Washingtonians LOOK OUT!!

    Safe travels. Have a wonderful holiday!
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    ARGHHH!!! Burnt Christmas Cookies!!!!

    I love to cook. Baking, however, is a task I just don't have any passion towards. I was taught to cook "by sight" by an Italian mom. You know, a pinch of this, and a pinch of that. Turns out that doesn't work so well when one is baking. My last straw was when I jazzed up Rice Krispy...
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    Help me kill whatever is digging these holes around my pen...... :)

    Thanks everyone for your good suggestions. (ok, the penis one didn't count. ) My DH and I spent the better part of the day putting wire around the bottom of the coop walls, and weighed the wire down with wood beams. We covered over the beams with bedding material, and we'll see what happens...
  14. Aisle12Farms

    Help me kill whatever is digging these holes around my pen...... :)

    Any suggestions to getting rid of them...I'll shoot it if I see it, but the problem is that it is attacking when we are not out there in the barn. We set a havaheart trap last night to try and catch it, but since we are planning on killing it anyway, other suggestions are welcome.
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    Help me kill whatever is digging these holes around my pen...... :)

    We have lost three birds since Thursday to ????. We have holes, some small, and some a bit larger than the ones you posted. It feels like the ???? has a tunnel network under the thick rubber stall mats that are the flooring in the coops. The three birds we lost have all had their heads...
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    Silkie Processing Video - WARNING

    The video was very educational. We have had to cull a couple, but did it through neck wringing. The first time was a horrible experience! Although I appreciate your educational humor while undertaking a less than entertaining task, I had a bit of trouble watching the birds head being...
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    Poop in the nesting boxes

    Maybe I'm dense, but I can't picture what you mean by "curtain"...Is it one large curtain in front of all the boxes? Or do you mean a small individual curtain at the front of each box? Sorry if I sound confuzzled. Thanks.
  18. Aisle12Farms

    Poop in the nesting boxes

    I have had chickens for just over one year now. Recently, the ladies have begun to perch/roost on the bar outside of the nesting boxes...heads out of the box and tail end in the box. They are pooping into the entrance ways of all the nesting boxes! YUCK! This is a new behavior and I want to...
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    Mouse Plague!! HELP

    I live with a teenage vegetarian "Oh mom, please don't kill it" young lady. We have begun to get a few mice in the barn and she knows that they have to go. She was so upset at the thought of us using sticky traps (they suffer too long), that she did some research for alternatives to rid the...
  20. Aisle12Farms

    Pumpkin questions

    Is it possible to overfeed the chickens pumpkin? If so, what would the "signs" of too much of a good thing be?
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