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  1. Bassleg

    Home made egg wash?

    I was wondering how to make home made egg wash or what does everyone clean there eggs with before they sale them?
  2. Bassleg


    Could I feed 3 week old chicks dandelions?
  3. Bassleg

    Hatching chicks for pay

    I have a guy that wants me to hatch some eggs for him but I have no Idea what to charge him? What is a good price?
  4. Bassleg

    Chicks Medicated feed or not?

    What is the best way to go Medicated feed or not for new chicks?
  5. Bassleg

    Hatching in egg cartons

    Does anybody hatch Chicken eggs in egg cartons?
  6. Bassleg

    Poultry Magazines???

    I am just wondering what are the names of the poultry magazines that everyone here subscribes too?
  7. Bassleg

    Clover/Grass screening pellets. 16+% protein

    Does anybody ever feed there chickens Clover/Grass screening pellets. 16+% protein? They are $170.00 a ton.
  8. Bassleg

    Delaware as meat birds??

    Has anyone tried rasing Delawares for there meat chickens? If so how did it turn out?
  9. Bassleg

    Jenks Hatchery????

    Has any of you good chicken lovers ever used Jenks Hatchery in Tangent Oregon they are real close to my new/old home and I am thinking to use them next spring? Thanks Bassleg:)
  10. Bassleg

    Lazy 54 Farm

    Has anybody ever ordered chicks from lazy 54 farm in hubbard oregon? If so were the chick in good shape when you got them? Thanks Bassleg
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