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  1. missfitch

    My assormant box of chocolates! lol help

    well this year we embrassed lifes box of chocolates and went with an assortment of chicks and ducks for change. We are blessed with 13 chicks and 5 ducks here is what we know: 2 Pekins 2 Mallards 1 mixed mystery duck lol we love it! 3 banties not sure what kind.... 5 EE 3 Red production 2 white...
  2. missfitch

    Lovely little seabrite hen

    I have had her since October 1st, no eggs yet so I think she is young, her name is Tear drop, she has come to love it here, she enjoys treats, bossing around the larger girls (she is tiny) and talking to me! she is quite the lady, holds her head high very proud, A GREAT flyer (she flys out and...
  3. missfitch

    Hen for sure, I think red prodution

    My son was given this lovely lady for free! We just adore her! Had her from a day old (TSC freebee) she is Sweet and just the BEST! She started laying about 10 days ago she has laid 10 eggs and my only current layer! Let me know what you think, I think shes a red production. She loves...
  4. missfitch

    Hunny, look what I got! Wyandotte pics

    Bird one, wyandotte pullet bird two, wyandotte young pullet No names yet, hard to get pics, it was windy, I know NOTHING about this breed so anything is helpful I would love to know about temperments, eggs, laying and coloring, are they blue laced red wyandottes???? I liked the color...
  5. missfitch

    How to help? Need advice "how to help neighbor couping with loss "

    We moved here a little over a year ago and I LOVE my neighbors, all of em, they are like family! Our fav. Neighbors on one side (we all have 4 and 6 acker lots) had A Really sweet white lab that we all came to LOVE, my 4 year old was very attatched as well. We are a young family with 2 little...
  6. missfitch

    Woohoo, a REAL egg!

    So to all of you who have read my many post on about my chickens who lay no eggs get this. We were out admiring my girls we just got our new roofing material to finish our new winter coop (as we want to make sure they are warm during winter) and I said to my hubby, "Hun, look how red "chicken...
  7. missfitch

    Halloween Happy birthday to me!!!!

    So, yes tomorrow is my birthday, and my hubby will be at the OSU game all day, and then I take the kids trick or treating in the evening! Busy day, I should take myself shopping......someday! LOL
  8. missfitch

    baby cochin checks the temps

    Hi, had to share my new cutie, hatched out yesterday! She walked over and was checking out the temps on her digital thermometer, Ahhh just right! Check out that little lady leg fuz! wooohooo
  9. missfitch

    Got a new Seabright girl, boy can she fly

    So apparently my other 4 girls are lazy! We got our Seabrite pullet about 45 days ago, did the good bio hazards, kept her separated for about 40 days (fully inclosed run and coop) So I added her to my lil flock and she has adjusted very well, I have very sweet hens so I had no worries, but I...
  10. missfitch

    My one and only chick hatched, incubator tested and worked! pics

    So here "she" is and adopted Momma, and adopted siblings, cant wait to see what colors I get Momma hatched out the first 5 and I got one egg from the coop as a test with my new bator, and it worked, and momma adopted baby! Thank goodness for silkies and one broody lil hen!
  11. missfitch

    electric went out is my hatch ruined?

    So yesterday our electric went out, I kept the eggs in the bator untill it dropped to 98 and made the decision to try to save them and let my broodie sit on them, well i had 12 eggs and small hen so three were not completely covered, electric is back on this morning and we stabablized temps...
  12. missfitch

    1 lonely chick, will I get more? How long too wait

    I have a momma silkie sitting on 11 more eggs, we have one little beauty , woke up yesterday at 8 am and "tuffy" the chick was already fuzzy and hopping around waiting for friends, its been 32+ hours since we found it (and since it was dry and chipper it must have hatched a while before that)...
  13. missfitch

    bator buddies unite!!! *New hatch day questions* at the end

    Cross your fingers and join my first ever incubator batch, I have a hovabator and its been up and running steady for 24 hours, recieved my eggs yesterday (from pamperedpoultry and recieved 11!!) they arrived on time and intact . split lavenders and Mottled cochins eggs, 3 oegb spangles I hope...
  14. missfitch

    Need advice, Got incubator with no thermometer!!!

    I bought a GQF Hovabator Incubator 1602N incubator, its up and running (got from craigslist) but there was no thermometer and I am expecting eggs tomorrow!!!! AHHHH Can I find something at home depot that will work? Any suggestions and I must be able to get it by tomorrow. Would love a...
  15. missfitch

    32 week old black bantam eggs

    so I have 4 black bantam cochin hens they are now 32 weeks old, 1 laid for about a week and then stopped. I was feeding layer crumble 18% and thought maybe I should switch so now Im useing a basic layer feed 15%. They have oyster shell, water, garden straps and when Im out at the garden I let...
  16. missfitch

    My first time candleing

    ........drum roll.................... and I saw nothing, Maybe it was the light but I got notta from that experience! LOL @ me I bought a beautiful Black silkie hen and was given 13 fertilized eggs with her. (What a treat) She has been laying on them for a least a couple weeks and could get...
  17. missfitch

    Mystery packing Peanuts

    We aquired someones unwanted packing peanuts, they are feather legged banties, need to know breed (think they are light brahmas and cochins????) and sex, they are around 10 weeks old now, Let me know what you think (two weeks ago all together) today 09.jpg[/img] This is my one and only amish...
  18. missfitch

    RIR gender? 5/13 Updated pictures, please help me clear this up!

    This is Little Red, aka Big red now as the rest are banties!!!! This RIR is 9+ weeks old and lays on the other banties at night (and Big red is younger!) Its really cute, and deffinatly the leader of the pack, they follow Big red everwhere, Big red follows us everywhere, now down to the...
  19. missfitch


  20. missfitch

    leftovers, have lots of ham still?

    So did I, so I made my home made Split pea soup with cubed ham and its the best thing to use the ham bone too!!!! anyone else have some old favorites? Im bored and thinking about making a batch of my favorite peanut butter cookies!!!!
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