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  1. MamaRudey

    1900 Gallons of ducky bliss

    I bought my pool vacuum with my pool but you can buy them separately at Walmart.
  2. MamaRudey

    best feed for turkeys?!

    I figured so, but it never hurts to ask. Thanks!
  3. MamaRudey

    best feed for turkeys?!

    Jumping in. My poultry grower I am feeding is 27%. Can my poults eat that? Or do they need that one more percent of protein??
  4. MamaRudey

    Pumpkin Seeds

    I give my girls a couple pumpkins split in half every fall as a preventative wormer. Works for me.
  5. MamaRudey

    How big chicken tractor?

    I think that tractor size will be plenty big enough for 5 bantams (which works out to 2.5 full size hens). :)
  6. MamaRudey

    Getting new silkie chicks and worried what will happen if I introduce them to the flock.

    Yes your flock will attack them unless you put them under a broody hen in the night and even then it is a gamble. I would brood them separately until they are at least 7 weeks, if possible in the corner of your coop with them in a dog crate so your other girls get used to seeing them.
  7. MamaRudey

    Kitsap County, WA

    I am in Mason County. Allyn, so right next door to all you Kitsap peeps! Hi!
  8. MamaRudey

     chickens ate medicated grower feed??

    The eggs will be fine, go ahead and eat them.
  9. MamaRudey

    Is two months too young for full-time outside?

    I would personally wait on putting nest boxes in until they are closer to laying age. If you already have them in the coop I would block them from use. It's a bad habit for them to learn to sleep in the boxes. No one wants poop covered eggs.
  10. MamaRudey

    I have a question....please respond soon.

    How long have your hens been laying that you are incubating the eggs from?
  11. MamaRudey


    Scratch is like candy, only in moderation. Roosters do not need the extra calcium in layer feed, it will shorten there life expectancy. If you have roosters preferably you should feed an all flock with oyster shells in a seperate feeder for the hens to eat as needed.
  12. MamaRudey

    My Magpies think they are pigs

    Ducks eat a ton. It's crazy to see the difference after you have only had chickens.
  13. MamaRudey

    How to stay clean and odorless?

    Sweet PDZ is an odor helper made for horse stalls. You can find it at feed stores, great stuff. I sprinkle it in my deep litter coop whenever I feel the need.
  14. MamaRudey

    What did you pay for your chicks?

    Chicks at our chain feed store range from $3-$5. Ducks are almost $7. Our small town feed store sells there chicks for $5-$6.
  15. MamaRudey

    tell me some best And most nutritious feed for my chicken ??

    Could you add some greens or hay to the mix of grains you are providing? Also soaking the bigger grains for the babies will help them to be able to eat it.
  16. MamaRudey

    What breed are these?

    I think you're right with there eyeliner. They are super cute either way!
  17. MamaRudey

    What breed are these?

    Del's had straight run assorted ducks this week. They where all Pekins except these 4. I looked on Metzer and they looked like black Swedish ducklings, but wanted a second opinion.
  18. MamaRudey

    Chicken house with concrete floor

    I also would do deep litter. We use horse pellet bedding or fire pellets without ignitor. We sprinkle our wood ash in there and in the dust bath tires, and speinkle the occasional DE and Sweet PDZ. You only have to clean it once a year or so, which I am sure some teen in your area will do for a...
  19. MamaRudey

    EXTREME Size Difference in Same Age Chicks

    Easter Eggers are the name for Ameraucanas that are not purebred essentially. I agree, the smaller ones look more chipmunky to me and I would count that as your Easter aEggers, maybe they are bantams? Or are just different ages.
  20. MamaRudey

    Adding a duck?

    Yes! Everyone should have a couple ducks! They have the best personalities!!
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