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  1. verthandi

    Super Bowl string quilt party

    at if anyone is interested. Great way to use up 2 1/2" or smaller left over strips of fabric. Mini tutorial
  2. verthandi

    Quilted contemporary wall hanging

    Rich mixed batik and companion fabrics in moss green, royal purple, medium gold and burgundy make up this wall hanging entitled Dream. Appliqued running horse is focal point. Approx. 24 X21 1/2" Hanging pocket on reverse side for each hanging. 100% cotton fabrics.
  3. verthandi

    Horsey Christmas Card

    Happy Holidays to all! (today, snow and my 27 year old mare)
  4. verthandi

    Mystery Quilt/ New Year's Day

    I know everyone is busy with Holiday plans, but I thought I would post this now and see if there was any interested in working on a mystery quilt together on BYC on New Year's Day. has done one for the past 3 years. In the next week or so they will post fabric requirements. Many times...
  5. verthandi

    Redneck Sleigh

    (Disclaimer for all that are concerned, and I appreciate your thoughtfulness. This is a draft harness. The breeching is the part that goes around his hindquarters. The traces are attached to the whiffle tree rather than the shafts of a driving vehicle (wooden cross bar just in front of the...
  6. verthandi

    French Hen

    I heard there was a shortage of French Hens this year and was worried for those that like to sing the 12 days of Christmas. Sooooo, I put a French hen egg in my Kenmore incubator and this is what I got. She came out 100% cotton in a lovely eggplant color with a red beret? She does not fit into...
  7. verthandi

    Rare Maine WhyDots

    Newly hatched, extremely rare, Maine WhyDots, house chickens. Fully accumulated to kitchen living and house broken. 100% cotton feathers and vintage button eyes. Large enough to help with the heaviest pots and pans. 2 hatched today and 2 more will be fully pipped by this evening. Please do not...
  8. verthandi

    Braided rugs? anyone?

    My Grandmother taught me to braid eons ago. I have made some regular oval rugs over the years, but have not made any recently. I have been saving my wool as it has gotten so expensive and the local mills have gone out of business. I remembered my Grandmother making some with scraps of carpet for...
  9. verthandi

    Blue splash and black make partridge? help with genetics

    I normally hatch just polish eggs and I have those colors figured out. But my splash silkie went broody so I let her sit on 5 eggs. I have her and one other hen in a separate pen from the polish. The roo is a black silkie. So far she has hatched out a white, 1 light and 1 dark gray colored...
  10. verthandi

    Any interest in doing a Roosting Robin Quilt?

    Roosting Robins are quilts that start with a center medallion or panel. Borders are added one at a time. This is a spin off from Round Robins where the original quilter does the center block and forwards the center and 1 1/2 yards of fabric with her quilt and lets another quilter do the next...
  11. verthandi

    New Years Eve Quilt

    I don't remember who posted the link for the directions of this quilt. But my grandson requested an utility quilt this year. He wanted something he could take to college with him next year and not worry about using. This is made from all the odd size scraps from other quilts that I had made for...
  12. verthandi

    2nd chicken with similar illness

    I posted last week about a silkie hen that acted lethargic and possible egg bound, but I guess my thoughts were wrong.(I lost her anyway, even with trying to treat her.) I have been checking the rest of the flock for similar illness and now one of the cockerel silkies(6 months old) has the same...
  13. verthandi

    Need to pick your brains

    I have a year and a half old showgirl. She has been living in a mixed coup of polish, silkie, and showgirls and all get along well. They have free access to eggmaker crumble, grit, oyster shell and are out in a fenced run daily. A week ago, I found her sleeping with the juvenile silkies on the...
  14. verthandi

    Newly hatched peachick question

    I have one peachick that hatched about 3 hours ago. It doesn't appear to have any health problems, navel looks great, nice big chick, it is drying off nicely, but has not been able to get to its feet. Feet and legs appear functional. Is this normal for them to take a while to be able to stand...
  15. verthandi

    SNOW! Maine, chickens *PICS*

    My plow man came to do the barn driveway this a.m. and scared the daylights out of the chickens. The rooster and this 3 year old hen made a mad dash for the coop ramp and got stuck in the snow on the ramp. I headed into the house to grab the camera after I was sure they were okay. Every ones...
  16. verthandi

    New Showgirl chicks

    Thanks to the kindness of a friend, I now have two new partridge showgirl chicks. I am sure most will excuse the poop butt it's all cleaned up now, just misplaced residue.
  17. verthandi

    Deleting Photos from My Page?

    I know I managed to replace photos with smaller size photos when I first set up My Page. But tonight I started working on the breed page and one of the photos that I used from photobucket is too large for a fast loading page. How do I remove that photo? I don't think I remove the whole page...
  18. verthandi

    Showgirl 6 weeks

    Well I think it is actually a "showboy".. He is really more black in RL with just some partridge coloring on his wing tips. Such a friendly bugger.
  19. verthandi

    Baby showgirls with leg problem

    2 of the showgirls that hatched two days ago had curled toes. I made a shoe for each of them and the toes are fine now. I also made the hobble for each of them as they were not using one leg well and it was slightly out to one side. (same leg that had curled toes) They still aren't using one...
  20. verthandi

    wOOt!!! one showgirl has hatched!!!

    A day early, but big and healthy so far! One more has pipped. 2 more look promising. These were from eggs that were over 2 weeks old before they went into the incubator, so it was a chance hatch from the begining. Question for silkie owners. I think this one might be a partridge. I am used to...
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