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  1. Wolftalk

    Crossing Odd Breeds

    Thank you for all the beautiful pictures you guys posted! im inspired to hatch now!
  2. Wolftalk

    Rescues doing wonderfully (pics)

    They are so pretty! You did a good thing rescuing them! They look very happy and healthy now. Where did you rescue them from?
  3. Wolftalk

    Crossing Odd Breeds

    Thank you! She is a pretty bird. I tell her everyday!
  4. Wolftalk

    Crossing Odd Breeds

    So I want to hatch some chicks to sell. But all I have are sebrights and silkies. Has anyone crossed these before? Ive never herd of it...but that doesnt mean they dont exist. And for the heck of some of your odd crosses and chicken mutts :) My Silkie rooster Zues...
  5. Wolftalk

    Chicken Sun-Bathing and Dust-Bathing Beauties!

    He just has a very tiny brain, so he has a tiny head- and huge comb to make him look more roosterly!
  6. Wolftalk

    Share you Rooster pictures here :)

    Heres my roo! We call him the "pretty boy" becuase all of my other chickens are sebright bantams and hes a silkie... lol his names Zeus!
  7. Wolftalk

    Meet Zeus, my new Silkie rooster!

    Today I got Zues. He is settling into his new home/coop now! I have never had a silkie before, so he is all new! I really hope he gets along well with my other 7 hens and 3 roos. (2 of my roos are only a 2 months old, dont worry) I got him from my little sisters friend (who got chickens...
  8. Zeus


  9. Wolftalk

    Don't tell anybody.......

    I wont tell! Wait. Why is it a secret again? lol Congrats ;)
  10. Wolftalk

    Comment by 'Wolftalk' in article 'Wolftalks Member Page'

    I am very lucky to have so many wonderfull animals!
  11. Wolftalk

    Chicken Sun-Bathing and Dust-Bathing Beauties!

    Here is my favoritest hen in the whole wide world, Penguin She just hatched chicks and after 21 days of paciently sitting on eggs, its time to dus bath....on a towel...i never said she was very bright... who said mom wasnt a jungle gym? Here is my nut of a rooster named...
  12. Danny and Dirt Bathes

    Danny and Dirt Bathes

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