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  1. Yetti

    Anyone seen this stolen Yamaha 450R?

    Hi guys, just got back to work after the summer off and found out a buddy had his quad stolen. turns out it disappeared on Fathers day back in June. he lives in Stock bridge and had only been in his new house a couple months. as is I asked for pics to see what I could turn up. he has some...
  2. Yetti

    My ducks are dying randomly

    my concern is the bedding. if your using hay or straw it could be moldy. if so clean it out and use wood chips. they don't mold and stay dry longer. I lost a nesting goose to grass clippings my son put in the coop. it ate some after it molded and died a couple days later.
  3. Yetti


    very interesting thread. two weeks ago we had a fox strike in broad daylight in a rain storm around 4:00 in the afternoon. two ducks got bit. we managed to chase the foxes off long enough to round up all the birds and get the gun out. my son took a shot at one but it ran away( 90 yard shot). in...
  4. Yetti

    Inheriting Geese and clueless to care and keeping of Geese

    well since the winter is light down your way I suspect you will hear the fighting that come with mating season. if they are all ganders then it will start sounding like the WWE set up shop in the back yard. my males get to fighting and the girls all squawk like cheerleaders at a football game...
  5. Yetti

    Michigan Embden Geese

  6. Yetti

    Rain barrels and my Ducks/Goose

    lucky for you its not shingles or galvanized. they give off stuff that can kill birds. galvanized is the worst as it gives off zinc oxide. in high concentrations its real bad. painted roofs are much better. they tend to be baked enamel and don't give off toxins. your wood shingles sound like...
  7. Yetti

    Inheriting Geese and clueless to care and keeping of Geese

    sounds like you need to train them to walk on command. I use a couple sticks to guide them when young. about 4 foot long will do. hold them about 45* to your body out at the side. they normally turn away from the stick on one side or the other so reach forward with the right stick to go left and...
  8. Yetti

    Inheriting Geese and clueless to care and keeping of Geese

    well if its any help my geese don't like stairs. if you have and old ladder or some type of barrier to put around where you don't like them to go. I use a ladder when the barns open to keep them out. they look in but won't go through the rungs even though they would fit. I have a 8 x 6 shed I...
  9. Yetti

    Flooring for Ducks

    yes it will get mucky if it doesn't drain. I suggest a landscape fabric under the sand over gravel to let water out and let the sand stay dry.
  10. Yetti

    Limping duckling

    I have just the 16% layer pellets. they are eating the heck out of it. as for the latest on the bird, he seems to be a little better. the sore leg is moving some but is still swollen. the black mark is getting smaller from the neosporen. I tried to get him to settle down so I could look at it...
  11. Yetti

    Limping duck and barely walking

    on the vet issue, I have buddy who is by trade a bird vet. I am tracking him down as he is retired.
  12. Yetti

    Limping duck and barely walking

    well I set up the little tykes pool for him and his buddies, the rain should have it full by morning. when I went out tonight he was standing and moving but slowly. I didn't put any pressure on him, the issue seems to be a dominate duck in the other group of 3, as soon as I opened the gate to...
  13. Yetti

    Limping duck and barely walking

    My vet doesn't do farm animals, wouldn't even return my calls when my goose got sick. nobody around here does ducks & geese from what I'm finding. as for seperating him we have. he is hanging with his two buddies by his side. I tried putting him in the big pool yesterday and he jumped out. I put...
  14. Yetti

    Limping duck and barely walking

    One of my pekings is in bad shape. my wife called me yesterday at work and said its been limping around all day. the others have been beating on him and he may have broken an ankle running from them. his right ankle has a black ring around it and its swollen. any advice would be great at this...
  15. Yetti

    well I'm getting close..

    well two more in the coup yesterday. not sure when they will stop laying but I keep picking them up. I had one that has some head out line showing the other day but far from ready. once you see body outlines how long till they pip?
  16. Yetti

    Can pekins eat fish?

    regular salt with Iodine is poisonous to fish. Iodine free Table salt is all that aquarium salt is. $2 a lb vs, $8
  17. Yetti

    Can pekins eat fish?

    you can treat the fish prior to feeding them to the ducks use Iodine free table salt. put in 1 teaspoon for ever gallon of water you keep them in, at the very least 24 hours. the salt breaks up parasites and bacteria that's common in fish from pet stores.
  18. Yetti

    Embden With Grey Feathers?

    I have two with a black feather on the lower left side. should come out this year after the molt.
  19. Yetti

    well I'm getting close..

    my temps vary slightly in regaurds to the guide. warmest is about 101*f and the coolest is about 85* I have a water dish in the box and it stays about 55% humidity. I turn twice a day and have everything marked like the guide shows. I guess I was hoping to see results by now? seems like some of...
  20. Yetti

    well I'm getting close..

    well not sure where I'm at with this mess? I have eggs that are still incubating that are well past 30 days? no piping yet and hard to say whats viable and whats not? any tips at this point are needed.
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