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  1. Clay In Iowa

    Looking for a new breed to try

    Does and bird fit these requirements???? 1---Primary requirement is COLD hardy I'm tired of frost bitten birds. My coop is unheated, but insulated and draft free. Still I have to put 4 birds down last year due to severe frost bit (poor birds : ( ) 2--- A Primo egg layer with feed prices...
  2. Clay In Iowa

    How Are you managing?????

    3 years ago when I started raising chickens a 40 pound bag of feed was $6.99 .... yesterday at the same store it was $11.99 ON SALE !!!!!! If I didn't know the eggs are better, the chickens treated better and the experience an overall good one... I'd be done .. My birds are just shy of free...
  3. Clay In Iowa

    Anyone sell New Zeland White meat Rabbits in Iowa

    I've been Googling for days and coming up empty.
  4. Clay In Iowa

    Ok SO i'm doing very well with almost free range chickens

    They are confined to 7,000 square feet for their own protection. Now I'm considering adding some meat rabbits into the mix. Anyone have experience with grass fed (ranged?) rabbits? And how they get along with chickens. Clay
  5. Clay In Iowa

    Can I keep more than one rooster in a single coop?

    That's a question I read 100 times over the past year. There were always replies from both sides of the isle, keep them (if they were raised together)/ kill all but one. I had roosters from 5 different breeds and I really wanted to breed them this spring to increase my flock so I decided to keep...
  6. Clay In Iowa

    Genetics or Illness

    I have some birds (2 breeds from very different breeders hatched 6 months apart) that as chicks seemd to be fine. As they developed I noticed they seemd to have a labored gate and would occasionally fall back on their "knees". They don't stand erect like their siblings and now have a great deal...
  7. Clay In Iowa

    How Many eggs do your Pure breed ameraucanas lay each week ??

    I have 7, one Wheaten, 4 blue wheaten and 2 split lavenders. All I'm getting is 6-8 eggs a week..That's a little under one egg per bird per week....Is that normal? They are all about 10 months old, they are NOT molting and are not broody... Confused in Iowa...?!?!?!?!?!
  8. Clay In Iowa

    Does anyone else....

    Chuckle to themselves when they pass the eggs in the grocery store.. I just can't seem to control it. My girls give me 2-12 eggs a day and only 1/2 are laying...
  9. Clay In Iowa

    When do your hens finish laying

    I know this has been a topic many times but I'm curious. I've seen several posts that their hens finish up by 10:00 AM... How??? Do you beat them??? My hens lay all day, some don't finish till almost dusk. They have PLENTY of boxes to choose from and are allowed to roam a 4,000+ square foot...
  10. Clay In Iowa

    Looking for a processor

    In eastern Iowa. I live between Iowa city and Davenport. Does any one know of a processor in that area?
  11. Clay In Iowa

    OK... What is the best Heritage meat bird?

    I know... I know.... It's been discussed... several times. Don't bother linking to other threads, I've probably already read them. I've been lurking on this forum for a long time reading almost every thread on the subject. But I can't seem to find a consensus of any kind. I'm not opposed to...
  12. Clay In Iowa

    Ah Crap!!!!!!

    My best layer has done gone broody on me.. She rarely misses a day and has laid 22 eggs in 24 days ... but now she's been trying to hatch 3 golf balls for about a week now.... Any hope of breaker her of her brooding ways?
  13. Clay In Iowa

    OK So I'm homemade Mayo challenged ... Help MissP!!

    I tried MissPs recipe for homemade mayonnaise and it was a complete and utter failure. I used one very fresh Room temp egg (hours old), and a cup of canola oil. I stuck the immersion blender in and got oily egg soup. I ran the blender for about 10 minutes working it up and down.. In fact the...
  14. Clay In Iowa

    My first hen started laying a month ago

    Since then 4 more have come on line. So far in one month my 5 hens have laid 94 eggs. Keep in mind for the first 8 days only one was laying, hen 2 started on day 8, hen 3 on day 10, hen 4 on day 13 and the last straggler on day 23. So it's not a full month of production from the 5. I've...
  15. Clay In Iowa

    Roo Question

    Are some roos just stupid or what??? I have a roo that challenges me every time I walk into the coop. He lowers his head flares his hackles and stomps till one of two things happens. A) He jumps on me and get's a good smack down OR B) I just flat out kick him in the head. He is the...
  16. Clay In Iowa

    Cross breed Vigor

    I didn't really understand it till now. I ordered some BCM eggs In January. the breeder added 6 "pure bred" Amaraucana eggs in as packing peanuts. As fate would have it I got 6 BCMs to hatch and 3 of the packing peanuts to hatch. One is actually an Amaraucana one was a nasty cross bred mean as...
  17. Clay In Iowa

    I was on Vacation last week, so I didn't have the chance to post this.

    On 6-20-09 I got my first egg from an OE hen, a deep olive green egg. By the end of the week 2 of my BCM hens had joined in and then last night I got a beautiful blue egg from an Amaraucana hen. So in about a week I went from one egg a day to 4 last night. In 13 days I've collected 19 eggs (...
  18. Clay In Iowa

    Chicken Sex

    is BRUTAL....... ..... OMG!!! Holy smoke are the roos viscous. No movie, no dinner, not even a nice juicy bug. And Roo on Roo fights are just nasty!!
  19. Clay In Iowa

    Tempers are starting to flare

    I have about 50 chickens in a 12 x 12 coop. ( I know I know keep reading) I'll eventually eat that number down to about 25. The problem is I NEVER planned to keep them in the coop 24-7. They have access to a 2500 square foot run all day. But due to a serious buffalo gnat problem they refuse to...
  20. Clay In Iowa

    I don't have to worry about predators at all right now

    Because my chickens refuse to go outside. Every day for over a 2 months I've dutifully opened the pop door to let the chickens out to roam in an electrified enclosure. Over 16oo square feet of grass to munch. They look at the door and then look at me and seem to say 'yea right'. Why you...
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