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  1. Sophia Gallina

    2 Week old chick has an open sore/tumor??

    Hello all, One of my hens hatched some chicks last Monday (6-14-21). Only 4 of them survived (3 died within the first 2 days). The last one is eating, drinking and pooping and seems relatively active. However. On Monday of this week she developed an open sore that appears to be a bulbous. I've...
  2. Sophia Gallina

    Hello from Athens, GA!

    Hello everyone. I've enjoyed this website for a few years as an observer but I just signed up. I've only been keeping BYC for about 5 years now. I currently have (3) hens. My oldest is Sophia and then two younger ones named Lilly and Jane. I look forward to engaging more with everyone!
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