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  1. Thetinyfarm

    1st storm of the season!

    We’re getting g a humdinger of a storm here in Alberta Canada 🇨🇦 today and overnight. Got at least a foot of snow and the drifts are deep. I will get into the hot tub when the winds die down! 🤣 Chickens are ticked off but we’ve covered areas of the ground with straw & hay slices… fed the...
  2. Thetinyfarm

    Aurora Borealis

    The skies are dancing over Alberta, Canada this fine chilly morning.
  3. Thetinyfarm

    Our chicken “ HENPIRE”

    We built our chicken run from nearly all recycled/ free materials. The tin for the roof was free. The summer ground feeder is a roof cap. The support posts are spruce trees from our forest. The cladding on the coop is untreated pallets. The nest boxes are milk crates and our old kitchen...
  4. Thetinyfarm

    I accidentally froze my eggs!

    So, I accidentally left 2 dozen eggs outside in the unheated porch last night and it went down to -10 (rural Alberta Canada) WINTER IS COMING. Anyhow, they froze, so I’m going to boil them, crush them up and feed them to my flock of 25. A pre winter treat. I will be super popular with my girls...
  5. Thetinyfarm

    De worming Roosters!

    I recently acquired two 16 week old roosters. They’re in isolation now for 30 days away from my flock. The vet gave me panacur deworming paste in a syringe which I then mixed with water and gave orally. Has anyone else used this before? They would not recommend ivermectin or any other dewormer...
  6. Thetinyfarm

    Hello, newbie here!

    Hi, newbie here from Alberta, Canada. We have 25 pullets, 1 rooster. 7 cats. 1 horse. 2 dogs.
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