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  1. millerwb

    Roo Crowing ??

    The neighbors called the police on my roos, so I had to get rid of them today or risk paying fines to keep them. Is there some way to either keep them from crowing or "de-crow" them (think de-barking a dog)?
  2. millerwb

    Dry Pox, eyes swollen shut, how to feed?

    I have a hen, 7 months old. She (along with many of my girls and boys) have a case of Dry Pox. Her's is so bad that her eyes are swollen shut with Pox around them. All she does is sit on the roost since she cannot see. How do I get her to eat? Brian
  3. millerwb

    New quail papa!

    My very first eggs are hatching as I type. I have 12 out and about 20 to go. We are so excited! Now 8 weeks and then dinner!
  4. millerwb

    Dumb Cornish X......

    I have 52 chicks that are almost 2 weeks. They are on 1/2" wire since my tractor is not finished. I have a few that have started to stick their legs through the wire up to and past the joint on the leg and then get stuck! What a pain. Hopefully they will move to the tractor this week.
  5. millerwb

    Egg Hatching Q?

    I set some eggs in my Hovabator on Monday of this week. Can I add 20+ more today? I have an auto turner in the bator. Thanks.
  6. millerwb

    Looking for WizBang Book

    I am looking for someone who might have a used copy of the WizBang Instruction book that they no longer are using/need.
  7. millerwb

    Set first eggs and a Question: UPDATE Eggs!!!

    I set my first eggs today. Now I wait. Now my question: My A&Ms have all but stopped laying. they are about 8 weeks old. It has been over 100 degrees every day for over a week. Nothing else has changed in their keeping over the past few weeks. Do I just wait?
  8. millerwb

    Egg question?

    I have several bantam hens but no bantam roo. I also have a standard EE roo. He has been working over my bantam hens. What will I get if I incubate the eggs? Will they survive to hatch?
  9. millerwb

    egg trays ???

    Has anyone used these trays for Coturnix eggs?
  10. millerwb

    When to set eggs??

    My A&Ms are starting to lay. When can I start a batch of eggs in the bator? Should I wait a couple of weeks to make sure all are doing their business and getting fertile eggs? Just needing to start a batch so we can have more grilled quail!
  11. millerwb

    Grilled my first quail!

    Grilled my first 10 A&Ms that were crowding my pen tonight. They were GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. millerwb

    Egg Question

    I have 25 A&Ms in a colony pen. They hatched on 4/28. I know who a few of the males are but think I have a few more based on who I have observed crowing. My question: I have been getting one egg a day from this bunch for the last 3 days. Yesterday I also got an "egg" that did not have a...
  13. millerwb

    HELP!!! Ready to kill them all and Give Up!!!!!

    I have my A&M quail in a colony pen right now. They are the MOST WASTEFUL Buggers I have seen! I have a feeder in the pen and they have it emptied on the ground by noon! All 5-7 pounds! I tried moving it off the bottom of the pen today and it took them until 3 to get it all on the ground...
  14. millerwb

    Pullet with foot problem.

    I have 18 pullets and one of them has a foot problem. She is about a 14 week old, BR. I noticed this morning that she was not walking right. I finally was able to pick her up and check out her legs and feet. One is significantly swollen and has many scales that are leaking a clear sticky...
  15. millerwb

    Processed my first today.

    I processed my first ever three roos today. They were extras that we had picked up and were planning on eating them in a few weeks. They were just making too much noise for my liking (we live in the city and don't want unhappy neighbors). My EE Roo that we are keeping is rather quiet by...
  16. millerwb

    Crumble or Pellets?

    My girls are 10 weeks and I am needing more feed. Should I move to pellets or can I keep them on crumble all their lives? Are there advantages to the pellets? TIA
  17. millerwb

    Am I a Boy?

    I bought 10 chicks the first week of March that were from Ideal and were sold as pullets. I am not sure about this one though and am beginning to think that she, is a he. Her/His tail is beginning to get a a bit long and today, when I let the girls out, it had a little crow for me. It...
  18. millerwb

    WTB: Reasonably priced incubator

    I am looking to start hatching eggs soon and am looking for a reasonably priced USED incubator.
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