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    My new baby Silkie chicks

    I have just collected 4 beautiful Silkie chicks newly hatched. They are adorable I have 1 black with a pompom already, a white one and 2 with a mix of color. I have wanted some silkies for ages but are hard to find but got lucky today. Of course hoping 3 of them are hens? they have settled...
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    Quails for Sale

    I have some Male Jumbo Quails available. 3 Tuxedos and 1 White very young I incubated these 8 weeks ago. They are already mating the females Only selling these as I have more males than females. I am in Western Australia north of Perth. $18,00 ea.
  3. J

    Female quail noises

    I know the male quail have a crowing style call does the female quail make any other noises besides the cricket sounds.
  4. J

    Male Tuxedo Jumbo Quail for sale

    I have a 6 week old male Quail for sale he is a very nice Tuxedo. $20 Available for pick up in Muchea Western Australia. He is already mating the females.
  5. J

    New Chicks

    I decided to try incubating hen eggs after such a good outcome with my quails. I put 7 eggs in and 2 hatched on day 21 I think one is part bantam and the other a normal looking chick. I didn't candle the eggs so on day 23 I checked the others and none were fertile, two is better than none...
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    Quail hatched

    My 1st quail hatched 5 hrs ago, I can see another pipped but not doing anything? I added some water this morning because both hygrometers were very low, neither of them have got to 70. I have a small tube fed into the base so I can add water without moving the lid. How long should I wait for...
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    Quail hatched

    Day 17 and I have one baby quail so far its sooo cute. Cheeping away and very active. I just hope the remaining 9 hatch this is quite stressful!
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    Yesterday was lockdown day..... for my 10 Quail eggs I hope so much everything goes well this time very nervous wait.........
  9. J

    Try incubating again

    Well I finally got my Janoel Digital 12 Incubator and have put 10 Quail eggs in today. I'm hoping for a successful hatching. So far so good, It turns the eggs so I don't even have to do that. Hopefully every thing will go well.
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    Janoel Incubator

    Im looking at getting a Janoel Digital 12 Incubator with fan and would like your opinion if any of you have used one and your thoughts on this incubator thank you
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    Re-home Rooster

    My rooster has now found a new home with lots of hens.
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    I have a 6 month old Rooster for FREE He is Isla Brown very colorful and fertile. Im in Muchea Western Australia
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    Good morning from WA. I have just bought 3 beautiful Quails to add to my poultry family very pretty colors 1 male and 2 females. I tried incubating other breeders quail eggs but failed so now I have my own. They have settled into their big cage and laying eggs.
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    Hi from Western Australia

    I started with Pekin Bantams which are just lovely then introduced Isla Browns. They are such good layers. My bantam sat on 8 hen eggs and hatched one out but lost interest in the rest so I put the remainder in my old electric frypan! I didn't have anything else. One started to hatch to my...
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    Globe wattage

    What is the correct globe wattage to incubate quail and bantam eggs. I have tried many different globes and can't seem to get the correct one. Any help would be appreciated I am using a large plastic tub home made incubator with an inbuilt fan.
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