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  1. JedJackson

    Trying to think of a name for a male yellow lab puppy.

    He just joined the family, almost 10 weeks old, and very mellow so far. I brought him home and after sniffing around a bit, he fell asleep! And he snores loudly lol. So, any ideas for a good name for him? Not into Rover, Fido, Bingo, or any other overused dog names, but also not a fan of long...
  2. JedJackson

    Six geese a laying? Three French hens? What's your dream Christmas gift?

    Hello fellow poultry keepers. What's your dream Christmas present? Mine is a truckload full of lumber to make another coop for more chickens? How about you all? Discuss!
  3. JedJackson

    Color genetics and sexing of double laced Barnevelders

    I'm wondering whether double laced Barnevelders can be sexed early on the same way partridge varieties are sexed, by the presence in males of all black feathers at the breast and, conversely, laced feathers at the breast of females. Or will this not work because of different genetics? Thanks for...
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