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  1. Chickenkittenlover

    Cat Food Recipe

    Hey y’all I’ve been making cat and kitten food for about a year and I know a lot about what they should and shouldn’t have in their diet. I have a recipe that is great and your cat should love it. Ingredients: 1 egg (optional: keep the egg shell) 1/4 cup heavy whipping cream (tip: some kittens...
  2. Chickenkittenlover

    Rescued a 4 week old kitten

    Last night I heard meowing so I went and looked around and I saw a 2 little kittens. I could estimate the age they were both about 4 weeks old. They were dropped off at my house and left there all alone with no mother it was horrible. This morning at about 7:45am and it was pooring outside. I...
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