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  1. mtma

    What are likely breeds of these roosters?

    Dads could be Blue Copper Marans or f1 Olive egger (bcm/Americauna)... Moms might be: blue copper marans, barred rock, blr wyandotte, Easter egger, black astrolorp, or Golden comet. What do you think these four guys got? Also, are the puffy cheeks on 2 indicators of olive eggers?
  2. mtma

    Any general insight on this breed mix?

    This was an accidental hatch, so not what I would have selected for breeding. However, my daughter seems to love him but I'm not convinced he will be the nicest rooster. He is half blue copper Marans and half golden comet. His coloring is mostly white, feathered feet, and some light orange...
  3. mtma

    What is the ideal number of roosters for 40-43 hens?

    About half of our flock is older (1-4 years) and the rest are this spring's chicks. We will keep the pullets and need to decide how many cockerels we can keep. We currently only have one adult rooster and when all is said and done we should have 40 (maybe a couple more) hens. Thanks!
  4. mtma

    Are these olive eggers all boys?

    These are the birds I'm guessing are cockerels. Do you agree?
  5. mtma

    Chicken math and coop size.

    5 hens hatched a lot of eggs while we were out of town, shortly before our long-awaited order arrived. We now have 60 birds, too many for our two coops, 16x7 and 4x6. About 10 are cockerels who won't be staying. We get a couple weeks of real cold in Montana winters, but otherwise they free...
  6. mtma

    LOL - Is this normal at bedtime? Just moved chicks into new coop.

    We had to wait longer than we wanted to move these chicks from the garage to the coop as we were waiting to evict a mama and her chicks and move them into the "big coop." The last two evenings when we walk in to the run to make sure they know where to go they all try to roost on us!😂 We have had...
  7. mtma

    Third Grade Lockdown!

    My students are SO excited! The kids made so many signs to protect the babies. Not sure how "you will get hurt," but you've been warned. 🤣 Also, spelling has taken a hit during covid. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I really hope we have a good hatch!
  8. mtma

    How long do I keep the mommas with the chicks?

    We have 2 mommas who nicely share 11 chicks who are about 5 or 6 weeks old now. They are in a smaller coop together, with a chicken wire fence that separates from the main, larger coop and run. They are still doing great, mommas teaching and warming, babies running g around like crazy but...
  9. mtma

    Too many mamas?

    Five hens hatched 13 chicks last week. Two are very good moms, keeping the chicks warm, etc. They are two-year old black astrolorp sisters. The other three are the first birds out of the coop in the morning and good at showing the chicks how to forage, but are not very cuddly, etc. with them...
  10. mtma

    Chick with curled-in feet

    Any insight on this? Thank you. Pic attached. This was a cold egg i rescued from the coop.
  11. mtma

    Pics added: What is happening to this poor momma? Lots of bloody stuff...

    She has been broody for weeks and hatched last week. This is her rear this week. It's like she is losing her insides.😳😢
  12. mtma

    Omg what is happening to this poor momma?

    She has been broody for weeks and hatched last week. This is her rear this week. It's like she is losing her insides.😳😢
  13. mtma

    Update at end! Would you assist this wrong end pip?

    It's been 18-20 hours. I have moistened the membrane, but it keeps drying. Humidity is as high as I can get it, 67% currently. Saved this egg from the coop (mom gave up on it). Pip is on smaller end. Should I help, and if so, how??
  14. mtma

    How do I know if chick is shrink-wrapped?

    We rescued an egg out of the coop this afternoon that the momma abandoned. The egg was already pipped with a good-sized hole. We didn't see much movement and the egg was cold, but s/he started poking its beak through after it got warmed up in the incubator. It's been about 5 hours and it has not...
  15. mtma

    Mama left these poopy eggs...

    She hatched one baby and is done. Do I put them under another broody (I have several), incubate, or ??
  16. mtma

    Chick with broken neck under mama

    Our hen started hatching yesterday and has hatched 3 so far. When I checked this afternoon the first day-old chick was dead under her, looked like her neck was broken, and she was perfectly healthy and interacting with mama before. Can the hen unintentionally break the neck moving around...
  17. mtma

    Nest boxes too high for new babies?!

    Hi! I have five broody hens, each in their own box in our small-coop-turned-maternity-ward. The food and water are on the floor, but there is not room for all five to set and hatch floor level. I heard the first peep and saw a pip tonight under the momma on the top middle box. Mom still has...
  18. mtma

    No peeps or pips in coop, Day 23 (-)

    My dedicated hens are all in a separate maternity ward coop, and their eggs range from 13-23. No peeps or pips. There are approx 40+ eggs out there. Unfortunately I think some of the eggs were mixed up under hens as to how old they are, but I could candle them tonight. I also have 7 chicks...
  19. mtma

    Pics Added!! Red, swollen navel on new chick,

    My chicks finished hatching in the incubator last night, so I moved them to the small brooder today. One has a really swollen navel, looks all red and mean there. I don't know what to do. I put neosporin on it and gave her a separate box as to not spread anything contagious. Any knowledge or...
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