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    Ended Official BYC Contest: "Chickens 'n Treats" Photo Contest

    We decorated a tree with orange slices and cranberries and bird seed ornaments we made for wild birds, but no birds touched it. This looks really cool and I'm sure your birds really enjoyed it. I have never heard of a cake mix for chickens before. That's awesome. Maybe I'll have to make a cake...
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    Ended Holiday Sweets Photo Contest

    Gingerbread house and chicken coop
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    Ended Decorated Christmas Tree Photo Contest

    Started a tradition after my daughter was born where we cut down our own tree from a tree farm. We always went to the same tree farm until this year when we moved. When we went to get a tree this year, we were told that with the shortage on trees, there were very few left, which was an accurate...
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    Ended Official BYC Mini-Contest—The Great Egg Sandwich Challenge!

    Egg sandwich with Monterey jack cheese, homemade ring sausage, and toast. With a side of avocado.
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    Ended BYC's 2021 Spooktacular Halloween Hatch-Along—Poultry Pecking Pumpkins Photo Contest

    My third and final entry. Was hoping to get some photos of my ducks eating pumpkins as well, but they wouldn't touch the pumpkins for some reason. Maybe next year.
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    Ended BYC's 2021 Spooktacular Halloween Hatch-Along—Poultry Pecking Pumpkins Photo Contest

    This pumpkin must not have been as tasty, but one of the chicken seemed to like it.
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    Winterizing with hay bales and or dog house

    Wondering if it would work/be a good idea to stack hay bales on the outside of the coop to provide a bit more insulation since our coop is very old and way too big for the number of chickens. Someone recommended building a box or dog house type of thing to put inside so the chickens can roost in...
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    Waterfowl feed suggestions

    Well I want to stick with a soy free food and I'm not too impressed with Purina's food because they aren't transparent with the ingredients in the food. I'm sure it works fine but I need to do what's best for me.
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    Waterfowl feed suggestions

    I hope you are able to see my edited response. It submitted it before I was done typing. Yes to answer your question
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    Waterfowl feed suggestions

    Lol I do not want to get complicated like this which is why I want one food to start feeding them when they are mature and to keep feeding them at least until they are too old to lay eggs any longer. I think a 17% protein ration will be good for them year long even if they quit laying in the...
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    Waterfowl feed suggestions

    0-2 WEEKS OLD: 22-22.5% Waterfowl Starter Crumble — If you can't find a 22% starter feed, use a 20+% protein starter feed and use it for a full 4 weeks. 3 WEEKS THROUGH FIRST EGG: 17.5-19% Waterfowl Grower Crumble DURING EGG PRODUCTION: 17.5% Waterfowl Layer Pellet BETWEEN LAYING SEASONS...
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    Waterfowl feed suggestions

    Thanks for the info. So do I have to switch the food to a maintence food when they are not laying like the hatchery says to do?
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    Waterfowl feed suggestions

    This is the food I was planning on switching them to. they say its for laying/non laying ducks but the calcium content is high. I should add my ducks are all female, in case that changes things. But this company told me you can start feeding this to ducks at 3 weeks old. Wouldn't the calcium...
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