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  1. Niss

    Chicken nipples

    I have brooded chicks in the basement, and hated the work and the smell of two dozen. I swore I would only ever use a broody mom. My husband wants to dramatically increase flock size over the next 8 months as part of a holistic multi-species intensive grazing system (yes, chickens are a gateway...
  2. Niss

    baby duck lost peep, snotty

    A pekin hatched by one of my hens earlier this week got left behind today. When I found it, the duckling let me pick it up. No peeps! On closer inspection it was blowing saliva bubbles and had a clogged nose. I took it to the waterer--tried to clean it up and let it dunk and swish it's head...
  3. Niss

    white chick?

    My hen hatched 3 mixed chicks yesterday. One is black, one is typical chick yellow, but one is white. What's up with that? I've never seen a white chick.
  4. Niss

    Duckling with curled up foot

    My first duckling hatched last night about 8pm. Just now I moved the chicken mother, ducklings, and unhatched eggs to a nest on the floor and I noticed the first little duck's one foot is tightly curled under, and using light pressure I could not straiten it out. Can anything be done for him...
  5. Niss

    Dark splotches around eye, tear stains or a real problem?

    I know you really need a pic to know for sure, but my ducks are skittish, so I haven't been able to snap a good one. My female pekin has a brownish area under/in front of her eyes. At first I worried she was sick with something nasty, but on an up close inspection (which she hated) it really...
  6. Niss

    Anyone stock fish for their ducks?

    Our ducks have a small (jump across in most spots, knee deep at most) steem and I'm thinking of trapping some minnows for them or buying feeder goldfish. Has anyone tried?
  7. Niss

    First egg from a pullet hatched at home

    Last fall a broody hatched out 4 chicks. The 2 that survived a dog attack turned out to be pullets. Today one layed her first egg! It's the olive one, shown next to mamma's for comparison.
  8. Niss

    They LOVE the night life

    Maybe it's the warmer temps, maybe it's the bright moon, maybe it's breeding season, but my ducks do not want to go to bed! At 10:30 last night only 3 of 11 had gone in for the night, this it the second night in a row I had to herd them in. I sang them lullibies, I warned them about preditors...
  9. Niss

    Who is this hadsome boy?

    I got him at the end of summer as a small chick. What is your best guess at his breed?
  10. Niss

    Which gardening book do you recommend?

    Last year was my first year with a garden as an adult. The results were mixed, better than expected since I talked myself in to expecting zero, lol. I want to grow a bigger chuck of our food in years to come (I've already got the chicken thing going, obviously), and could use some guidance...
  11. Niss

    What's on thins egg?

    This is the second egg that's come thins way, with a cluster of tiny white balls on it. I would thing insect eggs of some type, but it's winter. Is it just extra "grains of shell"?
  12. Niss

    Rooster fights

    I have 4 roos who, until today, got along. My top roo, an OEGB, and my young bantam brahma are both sad looking tonight. With the young looser scaring me a little--his eyes seem swollen shut (I seperated him--let me know what treatment could be in order, I'm thinking I'll fry him an egg and...
  13. Niss

    Grey bloom?

    I found a white egg with a thick almost greenish grey coating over all but the pionty end yesterday. It was on the floor in a corner. Since I have never had an egg that color (grey) can I assume it represents a new gal's work, or is it just dirty (DH said it looks like someone has been eating...
  14. Niss

    Broody raised chick survival rates

    I'm feeling rather discuraged right now. I lost another chick idea what happened...I let mama and three chicks out and she only had two when she came in for the night. This fall I've had two mothers with four chicks each, and I am down to two. 1 didn't get into the coop at about...
  15. Niss

    White Silkie, pick up only NEW PHOTOS

    I live in the Clarion, PA area. I will NOT ship. This is a 5 month old silkie. It doesn't lay or crow yet, so you can guess at the sex! It is a docile bird, and sleep each night with my broody mamas and thier chicks. I will get more pic if you ask. This is from a few months ago: the...
  16. Niss

    Partridge Silkie, pick up only new pics!

    I live in the Clarion, PA area and could arange pickup in that area. I do NOT want to ship. This is a 5 month old Silkie of unknown sex. I suspect it's a she, but can not say for sure as it does not lay, crow, or mate. The bird is tolorant of handling and sleeps in the coop each night (some...
  17. Niss

    Another "which roo" question...

    I need to thin my flock for winter. Specifically some roos must go. DH, or maybe not so d, haha, said he is done with chickens, and wouldn't mind being rid of all of them. I just want a more economical amount to over winter, and some hens could really use a break. My goals: a smallish self...
  18. Niss

    A pair of mallards...

    On Saturday I was watching my ducks and looking for nuts in the wooded area along a stream by their hut. When I looked up a pair of mallards were sneeking off from the other 13 ducks and waddling toward the yard and chicken coop. Some time later I headed back to the house, and when I stopped...
  19. Niss

    bantam brahma crow?

    I have a light BB old as a gal, but identified on here and probably a rooster. I was holding out a little hope, but today it made what might be a crowing niose "rrha-EEE-ahh"... what do you think? I have an OEGB that almist cockadoodles...but this bird has had odd voicalizations from the start.
  20. Niss

    Gardening in the Mid Atlantic

    I am hoping someone with more experiance can recommend a book on gardening toward self sufficancy with guidlines that fit my region of the country and climate. I live in cental western Pa. I am trying to move to a more self suficant lifestyle. That lead me to my flock of chickens. It is...
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