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  1. MamaGrizzly

    Scat identification

    Is this bear scat? Is it possible to protect against bears?
  2. MamaGrizzly

    What breeds should I get?

    Hi all! I am settling in on my choices of breeds that I will be ordering for April. I live on a hilly property with very well draining soil. There are plenty of shade trees, and I live on the north side of the slope. I live in Eastern Pennsylvania, so we have all four seasons. The summers get...
  3. MamaGrizzly

    ISO Coop and run design plans

    Hi! I am new to chickens, and we are building a chicken coop. We plan to start with 6-8 hens, but as I understand chicken math I feel I should build for at least 12-14 chickens. My husband would prefer a "smaller footprint" but that is negotiable. We have plenty of space. He is a...
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