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  1. chickenfreak101

    Creative Writing Game!

    Okay, so in this game, we make stories together. You can only say up to 5 words per post. So we basically finish each others sentences. l'll start!
  2. chickenfreak101

    I'll Draw your pet!

    Yes, I know there is many threads like this but I kinda wanted one of my own. (Hope I don't sound too selfish.) So... POST! I'm so exited. I'll sketch them and post, or if I like the sketch, I'll oil paint it. My drawings are kinda cartoony at times.
  3. chickenfreak101

    Humor Photography.

    Another photograph thread! Topic: HUMOR Snowing in NC! Why not jump in the hot tub!
  4. chickenfreak101


    Anyone make their own coffee? Please share!
  5. chickenfreak101

    Photography Game!

    Ok, so here's how the game works, someone names an object, animal, or whatever. Then the first one to post a pic of it goes next. I'll start. Your topic is ducks.
  6. chickenfreak101

    Exotic Animals Thread

    Anyone else into exotics? If so, here are some links... If you want, you can add links and pics, but keep it appropriate.
  7. chickenfreak101

    Dog nightmares!

    My dog has nightmares all the time. I took him to the vet for it. He flinches, yelps, and I try to wake him but he snaps at me in his sleep. Then he wakes up and runs to hide behind me. I have helped the problem by putting a blanket on him so he feels secure. Any more suggestions?
  8. chickenfreak101

    Post Pics!

    Post your chick pics, you can post updates, too!
  9. chickenfreak101

    Capybaras, maras, and walabies?

    Sorry, a lot of my pets are exotic. Can walabies be kept with my maras and capybaras? Or will they kick?
  10. chickenfreak101

    Is There Any Way To Make Swans More Friendly?

    I really want mute swans for their looks. But mute swans are the most aggressive as I hear. (Go figure.) Any tips? Thanks!
  11. chickenfreak101

    Other birds living with quail?

    I know chickens are a BIG no-no. That was made quite clear. But are there any birds that can live with quail?
  12. chickenfreak101

    Good Pets???

    Sorry, you can tell I'm new to this topic, but I want to get some emu chicks. I did do research on this, but I want you guys opinion. Emus: Good Pets? What about ostriches? Keep in mind, this is for the future, probably a couple years from now as I don't feel experienced enough yet. Thanks!
  13. chickenfreak101

    I Need To Know!

    OK, so I am opening a petting zoo, and I need to know what chickens are friendliest to little kids, or people in general. Are Bantams friendly? Are Buff Orpingtons? What about ducks? Are Indian Runner Ducks friendly? Geese? Turkeys? Sorry so many questions! THANKS SO MUCH!!!
  14. chickenfreak101


    I love chickens, but I am new at raising them. I don't have any yet, I hope I will soon. I've been reading this site for, like, ever! I also love quail (I know not to keep chickens and quail together, that thread was very heated! ), and ducks. Indian Runner Ducks are my fav. Anyway, I hope...
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