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    Breed Question

    Hello! I got two new chickens to add to my flock in September. I currently have a Black Autralorp, Barred Rock, Light Brahma. The new additions are now about? 24 weeks. It was not a good breeder. Lesson learned as I got my previous chickens from them and these were replacements. The black...
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    Seeking Advice - Temp Coop

    Hello! I am seeking advice/ideas for a temp coop for my three new pullets (approx. 10 weeks) coming soon. I currently have 4 1-year old hens. I have a 6ft x 8ft coop with 16 ft of roost space and 2 nesting boxes. The run is 8 ft x 10 ft. I have another new run adjacent to the original that is...
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    Built nesting boxes - they lay on floor!

    Hello!! New! I have 4 hens (2 roosters are being returned with 3 more pullets planned soon). Some of my lovely ladies (1 Barred rock, 1 black astralrop, 2 lights brahamas) have started to lay!! But, I built beautiful boxes placed them 12 inches above the ground with a roost. And they lay next to...
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    What breed to get?

    Hello! I am asking for advice!! I got 6 pullets on June 20, 2020. 3 barred rock, 1 black australorp, and 2 light brahmas. (my original order was 3 barred rocks and 3 buff orpingtons but apparently the buffs were roosters, so I was surprised by the others). Unfortunately, 2 of the Barred rocks...
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    Little Black Chicken Question

    Hello!! I have been following this group obsessively before I got my 6 new girls! I have 3 Barred Rocks 2 Light Brahmas and a little black one. I had ordered 3 Buff Orpington but they turned out to be roosters. So they gave me others (light Brahmas) but have not responded to my question of what...
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