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  1. phoenix912

    Can a chick bust its yolksac while still in the egg? Will it still be able to hatch?

    The chick pipped below its aircell. The pip hole was crusty. I pulled enough shell off to unstuck the membrane of its beak. It was starting to shrink wrap. I made the hole big enough to get a qtip in there to rewet the membrane. I put the egg back and raised the humidity even higher. The...
  2. phoenix912

    small animal swap meet boonville indiana

    I am trying to get a small animal swap meet going for June 8th. It will be at the tractor supply store in Boonville Indiana. The meet would be from 10am to 2pm. They will put a ad in their weekly flyer for us. I need to make sure I have enough people interested in doing it. Please let me know if...
  3. phoenix912


    I have blue and splash silkies 2-3 weeks old. These are pet quality. No fancy blood lines. I also have some backyard mixed chicks. Our back yard flock has standard and bantams. I have pics of some of the chicks on my profile.
  4. phoenix912

    what breed? and whats wrong with her feet?

    This duck was gave to use for free. The person that had her rescued her.They think she is runner X mallard. The duck didn't have water to play in, only to drink. She now has a pan of water that she can climb in and bathe. This is pics of her feet. Is this from not being able to get...
  5. phoenix912

    quarantine a duckling?

    We had 4 duck eggs. Only one hatched. The duck will be 3 weeks old Monday. It thinks its a chicken cause its been with chicks scence it was hatched. We have found someone selling ducklings the same age. Should we quarantine a 3 week old duckling? How long do we quarantine? I can get more...
  6. phoenix912

    Going from forced air to still air for lockdown what temp?

    I was given a LG still air incubator. I want to use it for a hatcher only. Tomorrow is lockdown. Days 1-18 in forced air LG. Temp 99-100 humidity 30-40. What temp do I want in the still air for the last three days? Never used a seperate hatcher before. I would hate to kill the eggs in the last 3...
  7. phoenix912

    chick had a possible heat stroke

    Just a reminder summer is coming. My 2 month old chick was falling down. It couldn't keep its balance. The weather here has been upper 80s. I got it to drink lots of water with the electrolytes added. It is doing better still woobly. So keep watch on your babies. Make sure they have shade and...
  8. phoenix912

    different chicks with cocci am i treating correctly?

    This pic is not what the poop looks like this time.One of my chicks is pooping funny. It is the only one so far. The chick is about two months old. It doesnt seem sick. It is still eating and active. I need to find out before I lose any of them. Today is the first day I noticed the poop.
  9. phoenix912

    Is this a leghorn bantam?

    I got this chick from Tractor Supply. I think it is a roo. Is it a leghorn bantam or something else? It is about 5 weeks old.
  10. phoenix912

    is the white silkie with spots a splash?

    Can anyone tell me what the white one with spots is. Also can you tell me who are roos and who are hens? Thank you
  11. phoenix912

    egg on day 24 still alive but no pip

    I have an egg on day 24. The chick is still moving in its shell. It started peeping Sunday night. I put a small pinhole in the top Tuesday. It hasn't pipped. How long should I wait on it? Should I help it out? Everyone else came out Saturday and Sunday.
  12. phoenix912

    I just wanted to show off my new babies (pics)

    I have 22 new fuzzy butts. The hatched out sat. and sun. Here are some pics of them and some more of my other babies. I will post more pics tomorrow. Do you know how hard it is to take pics when the chicks wont hold still? Here are some pics of my other babies, All of the chicks above I...
  13. phoenix912

    Help sticky chick, started helping, chick not ready

    My chick was stuck in egg. Hole where it pipped was all crusty. I took it out wet the spot down. Put the egg back in bator. Checked on egg a few hour's later. The pipped area was hard. I zipped the egg and its membrane still has bloody veins. I don't think it was ready to hatch yet. It is in...
  14. phoenix912

    can chickens and rabbits live together?

    We have chicken's and rabbit's. Right now they are in separate runs. One of our bunny's gave us baby's this morning. A friend is giving us an old shed. We are going to turn it into a chicken house. We was going to combine the two runs so both could use the housing. What will happen if both...
  15. phoenix912

    new baby bunnys

    We have 5 new baby's. One of our "male" rabbits had 5 baby's this morning. Guess what he is a she. It was quite a surprise to find baby's in there.
  16. phoenix912

    Help shrunk wraped lots of veins

    My chick has been pipped scence yesterday. He is shrunk wrapped. pelled part of its egg. Its veins are not drying out. Is it safe to finish helping it out?
  17. phoenix912

    Mutt Chicks. What to do with extras?

    I have been hatching my own eggs to add to my flock. My chicks are pretty much mutts. What is the best way to sell the extras? How much should I ask for them ect..Should the price depend on age or sex? Also where would be the best place to list them? I don't have any I want to part with yet. We...
  18. phoenix912

    Silkie pecking at itself all the time.

    I have a 1 month old silkie chick that's pecking itself. It didn't fluff out like the others. When its feathers came in they look hard and sticky. Its walking backwards and running into stuff. It isn't gaining weight. When it walks backwards it looks like its picking at its leg feathers but not...
  19. phoenix912

    Airsac question

    Today is day 18. Or will be in about 3 hours. I set them around 9:30 p.m. Jan 16th. I checked a few of the eggs and the airsacs look the same as day 14. Is it still to early or should they be starting down the side. Should I go ahead and up my humidity? Is it ok to hatch them in egg cartons? Or...
  20. phoenix912

    candling eggs

    I found this site that shows a map of candling eggs from day 1 to last day. It shows what should be inside the egg at each day. It covers chicken eggs and a few other birds. I dont know if this link as been posted before or not but i found it to be helpful...
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