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    Self-mutilating Peahen, anyone seen or heard of this?

    Different type of mite, sorry to bother you

    Self-mutilating Peahen, anyone seen or heard of this?

    I read about feather mites in my chicken health handbook, it says they are to small to see. With the naked eye.

    Self-mutilating Peahen, anyone seen or heard of this?

    Could it be feather mites? Just a thought...

    Infection unsure of treatment (possible bumblefoot?)

    I would treat it like you would yourself. She will more than likely need antibiotics to knock the infection out of her. I dont think that I would lance it. Let her immune system do the work with the help of the antibiotics. Your farm store should have what you will need.

    "Gurgling" chickens and treatment

    Sounds like infectious bronchitis, common cold. Add vitamins/electrolytes to the drinking water and probiotics. I just went through this, got infected chicks from rural king, spread through my flock like wild fire. They recover rather quickly.

    the pest is my neighbor

    I used to live on a shared roadway....never again. Ask him if he would like you to speed up when you see their pets or...him. Really shared things like drives and wells etc. never works out. Can you unshare the drive? Relocate yours to a different place.

    Rock cross chicks from rural king SICK!!!!!!!!!

    I am not very happy right now. I bought 30 chicks and 3 turkeys from the rural king. The first day home I noticed 2 sneezing. Now (6 days later) many are sneezing, and 1 died who was one of the first to sneeze. Its little throat was full of mucus. I think that they have infectious...

    Does Anyone Know Where To Get a Giant Barn?

    Have you considered a hoop structure like joel salitin uses? They are cheaper than a steel building. Here is one that they use, he has a ton of stuff on line.

    Frostbitten Roo

    Having the water in the coop creates humidity which creates frostbite. I keep the water in the run. Put some neosporin on it and put the water out, that should help. My roo still got a touch of frost bite even doing these things. Also make sure there is good ventilation so humidity can't build...
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    LOST- the little metal things on the rods of a galvanized feeder

    I am not sure which part you are talking about but we use heavy coat hangers for every thing around here. Maybe you can cut a piece and fix it?
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    We built a fountain for fresh water.

    You may want to put some stones or rocks in in so if they fall in they can get back out. I can't tell how deep it is, but I would worry about them drowning. Can you clean it easily? Looks pretty neat, my ducks would love it!
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    Chicken burying themselves in pine shaving?

    They are trying to take a dust bath and thats all they have is shavings.
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    Crooked toes / foot

    I read in my health book to give vitamins.
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    Grit for 1 week old chicks

    I really don't give mine food scraps. I give that to the hens if I have it. I guess for a treat for the chicks, I mix a bit of water with their crumbles and give them like a warm cereal. They love it. I also put a bit of alfalfa hay in so the can scratch around and have something else to do.
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    Help! Chicks hatching right now!

    leave them with the hen, they will go under her. They have a heat lamp to keep them warm to eat. She will take good care of them.
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    Grit for 1 week old chicks GRIT: Starting the 3rd day sprinkle baby grit on the feed daily as if you were salting your food. Avoid putting too much at any one time as the bird may fill up on it instead of the feed
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    Need Interior Design Ideas for My Coop!

    I have some of those! They are very nice. I have one that sings sings sings! She also has the biggest roundest eyes. I love her. I have 8 more black Australorp chicks in the brooder right now along with several others. I am also constructing another coop. I have to fit 66 more, thats what in my...
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    Checking bylaws?

    I would go with the city ordinance. If you keep it clean no one should mind. Besides that is YOUR home, do what makes you happy.
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    Where are the bees?

    Oh they probably died from gmo crops.
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