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    I dont know what is wrong

    I thought maybe it was maggots but after soaking the chicken to remove the "maggots" I realized what I was looking at was just apart of her skin so now I'm not sure what to do to help her
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    Help! Not sure what to do

    I have 4 hens 2 red sex links they are over a year old and 2 road island red that are a year. 3 of the hens have been laying on eggs but I had to remove them they were killing the babies! Since I removed the eggs I have one chicken that is fighting the others. I cant figure out which one. I've...
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    Advice for chicken coop and cold weather

    Hello this is my first year owning chickens I have 3 red sex links that are about 6 months old give or take and i got 6 road island red that are around 2 months (not sure on their age tho) I'm in Kentucky and its getting really cold out I have 2 different coops the chicken are in I dont let the...
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    Hens or roosters?

    I have 3 Rhode Island Red chickens about 5 months now and I can't figure out what they are i think i have 2 rooster and 1 hen but i dont know..and I'm not sure what type of feed they should be eating
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