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    Urgent: Need to REHOME 2 Welsh/ 2 Silver Appleyards (SoCal) :(

    Reposting...Not only are my neighbors fed up with my ducks but my husband is now too. We have had two complaints just this week and I can't find anyone to take them. They are 5 months old now. 2 female welsh harlequin and 2 female silver appleyards. We are in North Orange County. We need to find...
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    Need to rehome 2 female welsh harlequin / So. California

    Hi all, I was looking to rehome 2 female welsh harlequin ducks. They are 4 months old and in good health. I live in Orange County/Southern California. I am keeping my two silver appleyards. The welsh are very BOSSY loud! :lol: Our neighbors don't really appreciate it. We had planned...
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    Best time to vacation ducklings?

    We are getting 4 ducklings this week from Metzer Farms. My teenagers keep asking when we are going to the my head I am like, we are not. 😬But realistically can we leave them for a max four days? Obviously with someone to check on them daily and do the cleaning. If so when do you think...
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    Duck pool option?

    We are getting our first ducks ever in June. We ordered 5 ducklings but will probably keep three or two. I was browsing kiddie pools and this one came up on Amazon. It has a drain with an attachment for a hose so you can drain it directly into your garden or elsewhere. Has anyone tried something...
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