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  1. Farmer_Dan

    Unincorporated King County -- Washington State

    that counts if you have more than 1 acre of land. I only have about 1/4 acre so it doesn't apply in this case. The way it was interpreted is that I could have 3 small animals and they coudl be chickens. However, the area was set to incorporate and the city allows up to 6 chickens in addition...
  2. Farmer_Dan

    Sumatra Thread!

    I have a blue sumatra that is supposedly about 3 years old, but has no spurs at all. He's got some little spur buds but nothing like a real spur. Is he just a bad specimin or is he maybe a lot younger than I was told? Any ideas? I can try to get some pictures later, I'm not at home now.
  3. Farmer_Dan

    Sumatra Thread!

    I have large fowl, but not perfect stock. I guess you mostly have bantams though so I'll probably have to find bigger birds elsewhere. I don't need them to get bigger, but I don't really want to have bantams at this point. Maybe when I get out of the city and don't have a stupid limit on the...
  4. Farmer_Dan

    Sumatra Thread!

    Quote: X2 -- actually, next time I road trip out to Spokane, maybe you'll want to sell me one of your pro breeding roo's. If you come in the spring I would be glad to send you home with some chicks. We have 3 roosters, one is 9 and retired and the other two will be used for breeding. We may...
  5. Farmer_Dan

    Sumatra Thread!

    Quote: X2 -- actually, next time I road trip out to Spokane, maybe you'll want to sell me one of your pro breeding roo's.
  6. Farmer_Dan

    the sultan thread

    My sultan hen just started laying, but someone broke into my coop and stole my rooster. *(
  7. Farmer_Dan

    Sumatra Thread!

    This thread is making me think I should find some good quality stock to breed, at the moment, I'm only breeding from hatchery stock....
  8. Farmer_Dan

    Sumatra Thread!

    Quote: What does that mean? It is like a wild goose chase. It's a sign that is pointing you in the wrong direction.
  9. Farmer_Dan

    Sumatra Thread!

    it does look like a girl actually, the red face may be a red herring.
  10. Farmer_Dan

    Sumatra Thread! just a couple I found relatively quickly.
  11. Farmer_Dan

    Sumatra Thread!

    IDK, I'd try craigslist and the auction sites here, etc. I wish I was closer or planning a road trip to cali, I'd love to breed him. I saw a black sumatra for $50 (mature good stock) and I recently sold 2 juvenile boys for $25 each and probably could have gotten more but I had to thin my flock...
  12. Farmer_Dan

    Sumatra Thread!

    if it was a boy, I bet he'll be worth a lot of money. He's gonna make a good stud.
  13. Farmer_Dan

    Sumatra Thread!

    looking kinda roo-ish with that scraggly tail. Hard for me to tell though, for some reason, sumatra's are the hardest birds for me to sex.
  14. Farmer_Dan

    Cockerels -- Local Pickup Only

    I don't, but I only have a barred rock X silver phoenix roo & a buttercup X blue andelusian roo left. Busy weekend .
  15. Farmer_Dan

    New Way to watch an Embryo Grow Try#4 (Last Video)

    Quote: I believe so. He's tried other methods since the original bag and none of them worked either. kristen Oh...I see...Sorry to say but I don't think he's ever gonna make it...But you never know.. Probably not, but hopefully he wont get discouraged. I'm sure glad Edison didn't get...
  16. Farmer_Dan

    Hatching Party! Wanna Join?! Set 8/7, Hatching 8/27!!

    Quote: This is why it's a good idea to remove a broody hen from the coop and put her in a brooder where it's dark & quiet and she can get food & water and none of the other chickens can bother her. The only downside is that you probably will have to scoop her poop, though it will be big, it...
  17. Farmer_Dan


    Quote: Do you have a pic of whitey? Looks like the image link is broken, but I'd really like to see him!
  18. Farmer_Dan

    When to take them out?

    They can stay in for up to 4 days. If/when you take them out is dependent on you and your incubator mostly. Some people say to take the incubator in the bathroom and run the shower for a few minutes to get it all hot and steamy and take them out there. If you have a good incubator and can...
  19. Farmer_Dan

    Cockerels -- Local Pickup Only

    I have too many cockerels. I need to rehome them. I'm asking a modest $5 re-homing fee to help ensure that they go to good homes. I'm happy with it if you want to finish raising them and have them for dinner. I'm not fine with it if you plan to fight them or do anything else inhumane or cruel...
  20. Farmer_Dan

    What do people mean by "it's animal cruelty to dye a chicken"?

    King County Washington Ordinance: 11.20.010 Age restriction for disposition or coloration. It is unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to sell, offer for sale, barter or give away any fowl under three weeks of age or any rabbit under two months of age as a pet, toy, premium or novelty...
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