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    Pheasant and Winter

    I bought my first pheasants (ringneck) a few months back, I ended up with 2 cocks and 1 hen; they are big and beautiful. I have them in a roughly 10X20 foot chicken pen. I've let the grass grow up so they can "hide" and I build 2 enclosures for them to sit under to keep them out of the...
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    How hot is too hot for quail?

    I have my quail in the garage, wife wants them in the barn, we live in Texas, it gets hot, we have jumbo quail and just wondering if they will be ok in the barn where it is hotter than in the garage. I tried to search temperature tolerances, but couldn't find anything
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    About to jump in

    We have chickens and love them. They are quirky and provide eggs, which we love! I hunt and really enjoy eating quail, so thinking about raising Bobwhites for meat. I thought I would build a 3 compartment hutch. One would be for my breeders and the other two for the meat birds. There is a...
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