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  1. Augie1

    Electric winch Door

    I had my first goat mountain lion attack. I'm going to build them a hoop house with a door . I'm looking for a winch that lift a pretty large door on a timer. Any suggestion
  2. Augie1

    Electric fence help

    I want to setup a strand of electric fence on a 6 ft tall chanilink. I want the wire to be above the chain-link. Does anyone know of any insulators that hook on poles that are vertical? I've tried using ones for horizontal but the wire just slips out. Like this
  3. Augie1

    Where can I get broad breasted white turkey hatching eggs?

    Where can I get broad breasted white turkey hatching eggs?
  4. Augie1

    Can a hen incubate and raise a poult?

    What is the best way to start a turkey flock? I'm looking around for three broad-breasted white turkeys. Could I buy hatching eggs online and put them under a broody hen? How long can the hen take a care of the poults? Where can I get small minimum orders of poults?
  5. Augie1

    Will this keep them safe?

    Just finished setting up my premier one electric fence. For gates, I use an old plastic fence I had. I have 2 entries one large one for a rideable mower and another smaller one. I have yet to set up my energizer (a KUBE 3000 High Impedance energizer) hopefully on Monday. I'm going to set it up...
  6. Augie1

    What is the best/ cheapest electric poultry net energizer.

    What is the best for energizer for premier one poultry netting 164ft in Socal Dry soil
  7. Augie1

    Can I trust them.

    I have ducks and chickens. In separate coops both with automatic doors. My question is can I trust my ducks to go to bed every night? Just in case. I have been putting to bed every day at 5pm for the past 2 months.
  8. Augie1

    How to get a rooster to crow.

    I'm trying to get a video of my rooster crowing. But he crows super randomly. He will stop for a day start back up the other day. Any Ideas?
  9. Augie1

    Best Spill Free feeder

    My chickens flick out about 10-25% of the feed in the galvanized hanging feeder. I've tried lowering the tube, raising and lowering the whole feed but still are able to spill feed. What's the best spill-free chicken feeder that can feed a mixed sized flock.
  10. Augie1

    Feed Spilling

    I had this feeder sitting on the pallet with no problem. Until a couple of days ago and noticed a lot of feed spillage. I raised it slightly higher and still had spillage. Today I raised so the head of the smallest pullet would reach the feed while standing on the 2x4. We will see tomorrow...
  11. Augie1

    Premier 1 netting

    I'm thinking of getting the Poultry Net 12/48/3 kit 164ft with double spike netting and 4 support posts. My worry is that my ground is really tough and hard. I've tried using fiberglass poles in my ground and they just break and don't get a good grip. Are the poles that come in good quality...
  12. Augie1

    Chicken Coop Camera

    I'm thinking of getting a chicken coop camera. The coop has power but is 250ft from the router. What would be the best possible camera? The coop has a very bad internet connection. If I can get a camera with a detachable antenna that can be placed 100ft closer would be the best. Does anyone have...
  13. Augie1

    What Time Is My Rooster Crowing

    My rooster has been crowing for the past 5 days once a day. I have a automatic coop light that turns on at 4:am. Do you think he is crowing at that time and I’m not hearing it? He seems to crow once a day. Will he crow more?
  14. Augie1

    Thinking about Turkeys

    I want to raise 3 or 2 Turkeys for Thanksgiving next year. I will raise them in a 2 acre property in semi suburbia. The way the property is laid out is that In the front yard which is about 9743 Sqft of Orange and lemon trees. Or In the back yard about a acre of a steep hill meeting the creek...
  15. Augie1

    What breed and Gender are these two.

    Hello, I decided to adopt these two what I believe to be hen Naked Necks. My question is what breeds are these? What gender? How old if so possible? I know a lot of these questions are hard to answer without age. Many Thanks
  16. Augie1

    Hen won't open eyes

    Just noticed it today. The left eyes seems to be injured. Should i be concerned?
  17. Augie1

    Purple feet and bumblefoot

    I've got a problem. 3 of my chickens have bumblefoot. I decided to remove it everything went okay. I wrapped but I wrapped it in between toes. I went to remove the bandage today and the foot is discolored and cold. I removed the bandage and within a hour it looked better. The whole where I did...
  18. Augie1

    Poopy Vent Feathers and sneezing

    For the past couple weeks a couple of my chickens have been sneezing like in the video. Should I be concern? I'm currently deworming them with Valzaben and also using treating coccidiosis Friday will be there last day on Corid. 3 of my chickens have poopy dirty vent feathers. Should I be...
  19. Augie1

    Accidently submitted it

    Since the past couple weeks chickens have been sneezing like the video. Are they fine or should I treat it? Also on 3 of my birds they have poopy vent feathers what could be the cause? IF any more info is needed tell me? Thanks
  20. Augie1

    Here are some more photos (what breed is she)

    After posting a while back ago. People needed more photo so here it is. She has a tail that fans out and a blue circle around her earlobe. What breed is she?
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