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  1. roonster

    6.5 week old silkie gender?

    Anyone know?
  2. roonster

    partridge silkie or mixed?

    Silkie chick a bit over 6 weeks!
  3. roonster

    just a pic of my bantam black cochin roo!

    Black cochin bantam roo!
  4. roonster

    Pair of Silver Duckwing OEGB?

    Does the rooster look like a mix? I picked these two up at auction yesterday. I built them a coop (roost to be added) and will give them a run in the spring...
  5. roonster

    Guesses on breed or gender

    So, I bought 10 young "hens" at auction yesterday. They look really healthy calm and gentle...but maybe they are a bit delayed in development? Some almost look like bantams. I mention because if they weren't getting chick starter or the right food they could be a bit stunted? (As a side note, I...
  6. roonster

    Blue bowtie silky males (2) bedford co. pa

    2 showboys for sale or trade, best offer. pic shortly
  7. roonster

    Bantam silkies - Hatch-Along

    I just picked up some silkies a few weeks ago and have 8 of the 2 females eggs in the incubator, along with 7 from regular hens! I did place them into the incubator over 3 days...was only going to do a few bantam eggs but reconsidered after considering the possibility of poor hatch rate? Right...
  8. roonster

    Andalusian? Prairie blue eggers??

    Hi, Andalusian, Prairie Bluebell or mixed assortment? I bought Andalusian and Faverolles from Tractor supply, oh I have to check on date but about 6 weeks ago? I started to notice some of the "andalusians" have pea combs. Most are blue or black, but I had 3 splash or white that didn't make it...
  9. roonster

    is this a pullet/hen? ...almost 6 months old.

    The temperament is super calm!
  10. roonster

    Could these be a breed? Im thinking they are a cross?

    Could these be pure breed? Im thinking barred x white? Male: Female:
  11. roonster

    Is this rooster unique?

    Hi, Im wondering if this rooster is a genetically unusual bird. - rose comb? - ear tufts? - beard? - wattles? If yes to all, isnt that unusual? Thanks!
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