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  1. blue90292

    FS: Backyard Poultry Magazine and Countryside & Small Stock Journal

    I have couple magazines for sale: Backyard Poultry Magazine February/March 2009 issue $1.50 Countryside & Small Stock Journal Magazine September/October 2009 issue $1.00 They have been read through. $1.00 postage. 50 cents additional for additional magazines.
  2. blue90292

    Next three shows in Texas

    If anyone is interested, just a reminder of the next three shows in Texas. The La Grange show is on March 7th, the Beaumont show is on March 28th, and the Fancy Feathers Show at New Braunfels is on April 4th. Entry forms and other information regarding the Beaumont show can be found on my blog
  3. blue90292

    chickens hatching duck eggs?

    my pekins have started laying and i have collected some eggs. they won't sit, i know, and my incubator is full of chicken eggs. i was wondering if anyone has used their chickens to hatch their duck eggs before. just curious since i'll be sticking them under my broody hen tonight.
  4. blue90292

    your opinion please.

    i know we've talked about this before but since there are more people perusing this section, i thought i'd bring it up again. i have a friend raising the red bros and the other day she informed me that the last two weeks, she was going to feed them straight scratch (which is more than just...
  5. blue90292

    i think my pekin layed an egg!

    i'm not sure though. i let them range during the day and so sometimes my chickens go into their coop. but i coulda swore i saw one of them sitting on it this morning and get off of the egg when i went to open their coop. this is my first time keeping ducks so i'm not really sure how to tell...
  6. blue90292

    got my red bros today

    they came all safe and sound. i have several that looked a little listless but i'm hoping the vitamin water will perk them up. he put the 100 in two boxes of 50 batches each. the bottom batch was a lot happier than the top batch. gave them some feed and they were busy eating it up when i left.
  7. blue90292

    big guy v. the backyard enthusiast

    i consider myself a backyard enthusiast, but have over 200 birds and when my meaties come, will have 300. my friend who recently bought an egg business bought the business to supply local restaurants and neighbors with fresh eggs. she doesn't consider herself one of the "big guys" but does have...
  8. blue90292

    feed mill experience

    we've been thinking about getting feed mixed for us. evans feed down the road sells layer feed, but recommends that scratch and oyster shell be supplemented with the feed. further reading shows that it's also got animal fat which of course, they can't tell us what animal fat it is. evans makes...
  9. blue90292

    feed prices not kewl

    my feed went up another dollar!!! :mad: purina crumbles has gone up another $1 to $14.95 a bag. i can get 75 cents off a bag if i buy 10 or more. $1 off a bag if i buy 40 or more. and here i was celebrating gas was now $3.59 a gallon at buckeys. sheesh!!
  10. blue90292

    i'm so happy, woo hoo!!

    last night, i couldn't find my FR boy. i have two boys and 4 girls that are going on 4-5 months. one of the boys lives with a couple of the girls in the large pen with the rest of the free range flock. the other boy and 6 hens (some sex-link, some FRs) live in the open pasture in a tractor with...
  11. blue90292

    houston texans tickets (updated)

    Houston Texans Tickets for Sale Section 116, Row U, Seats 4&5 (includes yellow lot parking) Aug 9, 7pm (Sat) Texans v. Denver $120.00 Aug 28, 7pm (Thurs) Texans v. Tampa Bay $120.00 Sept 14, 3.15pm (Sun) Texans v. Baltimore $160.00 (sale pending) Oct 5, Noon...
  12. blue90292

    i can't figure out how to cut the neck bone

    i'm wondering if i just need a better knife? is there a way to get in there and slice the neck bone off? i understand how to take the feet off at the knees, but for some reason i can't figure where to put the knife in to cut the neck bone off. thanks! michele
  13. blue90292

    i'm a proud mom. a little OT

    i know this is OT for this section of byc, but i feel a little closer to ya'll on the "meat birds etc" since i'm on here everyday. we recently had a open poultry show where the 4H kids from new braunfels put it together and we had a wonderful time and i wanted to share. my son won reserve...
  14. blue90292

    wtb: midget white turkey eggs

    anyone have these available??
  15. blue90292

    white silkie chicks for sale houston, texas (no shipping)

    i have 9 white silkie chicks that my broody hatched. they are $4 a chick.
  16. blue90292

    proven egg business for sale

    i have an acquaintance that, due to health reasons in his family, is selling his egg business portion of his business. it includes approximately 700+ laying hens, egg mobiles, nesting boxes, netting, refrigerators, cooler, egg carrying bins, client list, consultation, etc etc. some of the...
  17. blue90292

    cornish X roo and FR hens?

    so i was given a cornish X roo and he seems to be surviving well. (knock on wood) i've been feeding him with the other birds and he's walking around, acting a little like a chicken. anyway, i was thinking about using him as a rooster when he got old enough, and putting him in with some FR hens...
  18. blue90292

    farmer's market

    so my friend rachel who lives down several streets from me and i have been talking about raising broilers together for a while. she's a judge for agility and flies around the country judging. she also teaches agility at her farm and therefore, is quite the busy lady. and me and my work, plus...
  19. blue90292

    turkey website

    does anyone know a good website where they talk about turkeys?
  20. blue90292

    10 week old silkies for sale - houston texas

    i have the following colors in 10 week old silkies: partridge: one left buff: 4 left cuckoo: 4 left. they are $7 per silkie. michele p.s. these guys are too old to ship unless it's done express mail. sorry.
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