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  1. Peplers chicks

    McMurray hatchery order- all are dying??

    I am not familiar with it, but read somethimng here on BYC about it, Will make plan to get hold of coccidiostat, thanks
  2. Peplers chicks

    McMurray hatchery order- all are dying??

    Yes, sorry to mention, mine dont come from them, I bought mine at a auction. All the chicks is dead, and it looks like the mom is going aswell,
  3. Peplers chicks

    Question about Coryza & vaccine

    Thanks for this awesome site, if there is anymore like this one, plz post
  4. Peplers chicks

    McMurray hatchery order- all are dying??

    Same here, bought last week Wednesday a girl with ten chicks, one by one they died, this morning all six left is dead. Now one of my own breeding hens also show symptoms. In my case the feathers starts to show disorder, and after a day or two the wings hangs down. If someone knows, plz help
  5. Peplers chicks

    bright blue green poop

    Yes I have that page, what I am talking about is that the abnormal poop have more info, like what is the diagnoses, and treatment, etc. Thanks for the reply
  6. Peplers chicks

    Older chicken won't let little ones roost

    It may takes time, is their away to install another roost, I build a roost cage with six roosts, and waited about seven month's before they decided to make use of the roost
  7. Peplers chicks

    How do I catch a free range rooster?

    I built my own trap, with a wire mesh square trap that is held up with a stick, placed some corn inside, once he enters I pluck out the little stick with a rope attached
  8. Peplers chicks

    Need advice on handling chickens at night.

    Another point of interest, usually when I catch at night I grab with a speed one bird at a time, and on the instant of grab cover the head of the chicken aswell, when their head is covered with your hand their is no sound at all that scares the others, Normally I can do more than half before...
  9. Peplers chicks

    bright blue green poop

    Wish we could get a link that describes all the different poop and cause of it(sick or bad poop), I also saved that page under my chicken folder, but the info is minimal.
  10. Peplers chicks

    bright blue green poop

    Yes the cabbage might be the cause, I again have red prickly-pears and you can imagine what is the outcome of that poo, don't even think how does their faces change, whew!
  11. Peplers chicks

    Automatic waterer with toilet float - safe?

    That float is an awesome idea yes, that nipples and equipment is sometimes to expensive but works great anyways, I also use any thing that I can lay my hands on to make something out of nothing, as long as the chicks dont think you have put it there to use as an toilet, then, hahahaha
  12. Peplers chicks

    Broody Chicken

    Yes you can, I usually takes eggs of some of my bad breeders and put them underneath quality breeders, If possible you can get from nearby farmers, I read in this forum that their is hatcherys that supplies fertilized eggs, but don't really know them
  13. Peplers chicks

    Rats running into coop!

    I would not take that change, I experienced a rat shift a 250 gram soap bar underneath a bed that was about 15 meters away
  14. Peplers chicks

    Incubating in my bra: An experiment.

    I did not read all the comments, but want to add my info aswell, My wife is used to incubate the chicks in her bra, every time my broody hen leave her nest and there is still eggs that is late, I use her as my private incubator, we had very good success.
  15. Peplers chicks

    What do You give your chickens for Christmas?

    A big pot, with some potatoes and tomatoes would do the trick on my table, hahahahaha. Sorry, just joke you guys, cause I have never seen love for chickens as on this site, enjoy
  16. Peplers chicks

    Rats running into coop!

    I dont know how good does hamster's interact with chickens, but I used hamster's with my rabbit flock to keep the rats away, rats are very scared of hamster's,
  17. Peplers chicks

    Leghorn laying tan eggs

    A deficiency in any of the main nutrients, protein, minerals etc in the hens' diet can influence shell colour and formation. Zinc, copper and manganese are thought to be especially important in transporting pigment onto the shell. It has been suggested that a magnesium supplement can improve...
  18. Peplers chicks

    backwards results?

    You are welcome, waiting anxiously
  19. Peplers chicks

    backwards results?

    Dont worry, you still have a long way to go before hatching, and live normally be tested at days 16, I normally wait until day 18, good luck
  20. Peplers chicks

    backwards results?

    Yes, how long are your eggs in the incubator now
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