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  1. romadfox

    Log Chicken Coop in Ridgeway, SC

    Here's our Log Chicken Coop. I think we may have the only one there is. We live in a log home on 9.25 acres of woods and wanted a coop to compliment our home, so we built a log coop with log run from our own logs based on design ideas from BYC members pages. I hope you all like the coop and if...
  2. romadfox

    Fox's Log Chicken Coop (I think I may have the only one there is)

    Hey Everyone, I have just completed my BYC page and it has my recently completed log chicken coop construction from start to finish in pics. I Googled log chicken coops before I started and could find nothing like it on the internet. So, I used many of your all's BYC page ideas and fashioned a...
  3. romadfox

    New Member from Ridgeway, SC

    Hey everyone, I am just signing up for an account but I have been gleenining info from you all for months as I built my coop and flock of 6. Thanks for all the great assistance so far. I will be building my page soon and postind my coop design (I made a log chicken coop) to share with you all...
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