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    Comment by 'Ourfamilyflock' in article 'East Bay Ranch Style'

    Great Job! Love that the whole family got involved. The yard looks fantastic too, love to see gardens!
  2. Ourfamilyflock

    First Egg Countdown

    19 weeks would be a bit early. 21-23 is more typical for first eggs. 20 if you have early layers.
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    Your Top Five Favorite Breeds!

    1. Rhode Island Reds -great layers, tasty eggs, fun personality 2. Buff Orpingtons - Beautiful birds with a gentle easy going personality 3. Partridge Rocks - love the coloring and their laid back personality 4. Black Austrolorps - Great layers, funny birds with easy going nature 5. Easter Egger...
  4. Ourfamilyflock

    First Egg Countdown

    Wow, thats surprising and sad. Chickens are usually pretty hardy by the time they reach 5 months old. Wonder what they died of. So sorry for the loss, but glad to hear about the sex links.
  5. Ourfamilyflock

    When will my chickie start laying?

    Our EE is now 22 weeks, and no egg yet, let me know when you get your first, not as familiar with this breed, plus they are mixes, so who really knows. My Rhode Island, BRs and BO's are all laying now. at 21 and 22 weeks old. Only 1 (runt) buff and the EE arent laying yet.
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    First Egg Countdown

    Use pine shavings here, about 3 to 4 inches deep. Got our first 2 eggs today from our 20 week old Rhode Island Red and Barred Rock. Still have 6 others we are waiting on.
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    When will my chickie start laying?

    Depending on the breed most start to lay eggs between 20 to 24 weeks.
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    Help us please! Roos or hens?

    I agree with the above post, I think these Girls are older then 10 weeks, the Barred looks like ours does at 20 weeks. Barred Roos are lighter in color, they are more white with black bars rather then black with white bars, so I'm pretty sure thelma is a she. The EE looks like a hen as well...
  9. Ourfamilyflock

    Hello from Oregon

    Welcome to BYC from Central Oregon! Glad you made the chicken plunge, we did this year for our first time as well! You made the best step you could have made by joining this site. So helpful, so many people with years of experience and all willing to answer questions and help.
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    Mean Barred Rock Hen

    We too have one and sometimes two really mean Barred Rocks towards their feathered sisters. To us they are very responsive and sweet, but very mean towards the other chickens. Pecking for no reason. At first I had thought it was a stage as we combined flocks at 7 weeks old, but they are now...
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    Hen or Roo???

    Could just be an early maturer. Tail feathers dont look like roo, might be a little to early to tell. Might have to wait till it crows or not. Im leaning hen, but have not owned that breed before.
  12. Ourfamilyflock

    Barred Plymoth Rock Chickens

    All roos but the last one which is a hen. Buying straight run is always a gamble. We bought 8 this year, but sexed and all 8 turned out to be hens. Its worth waiting till they are a week or so old to buy them for a few reasons. Sexing is easier, as well most unhealthy chicks die within the...
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    New and hoping for some advice

    Glad you like the chickens you picked, not the most colorful eggs, but friendly and happy. :) Loved the dog story. Look forward to hearing more.
  14. Ourfamilyflock

    Coop Project: Maken the Plunge & Getting Chickens

    I put up a very sturdy pallet, and they use that for the same thing. Didnt even need to build anything. My pullets dont care for my grape leaves. What kind of grapes are you growing?
  15. Ourfamilyflock


    Chickens can keep themselves plenty warm, just hold one for about 5 minute and feel the heat they generate, you will be surprised. Keep them dry and they will be fine without the heat lamp even in freezing temperatures. I put fake plastic easter eggs that are the color of the eggs my hens will...
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    Coop Project: Maken the Plunge & Getting Chickens

    happy Belated Fathers Day, and the doc will be happy to know that your flock is keeping your blood pressure down. Nothing more relaxing then laying in the grass and feeding the girls and 1 guy!
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    Did I mess up?

    Great find even if you only invest 100.00 into it, you will have a stellar coop, and still spend much less then you would buying a brand new one. Some TLC cleaning and some upgrades and you will have a great looking sturdy coop. The chickens would probably like it as it is, pretty is for us...
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    Help: new injured chicken being picked on by the rest of the flock.

    I cant speak for the sex, but get some blueKote or other like medicine on the wounds. Chickens cant help themselves but going after an injury if its red, or open. The sprays both taste bad to the chickens, protect the color and help heal, if the chickens try to peck the wounds they will get a...
  19. Ourfamilyflock

    Hello, I'm new to raising chickens.

    Welcome to BYC from Central Oregon. I'm not seeing Roo in your profile pic, but its hard to say with the tail not in view.
  20. Ourfamilyflock

    Pullet or Cockerels? 4 Plymouth Barred Rocks at 5 weeks

    All Pullets in their dinosaur stage.
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