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  1. drifter

    What is the price of peanuts in China? What are you paying for feed?

    I use Purina Layer crumbles or DuMore Layer Crumbles (depending on which is cheaper). Normally its about $13.95 a bag .... sometimes $12.95.
  2. drifter

    Where is the water going?

    They are just drinking it. I have the similar model but in a 5 gallon and my 10 hens go thru it like nothing. No water around it so I know its not leaking....they just drink ALOT !
  3. drifter

    cheap craigslist coop I got today

    I think you did REALLY GOOD ! It looks great !!!!!
  4. drifter

    Another dog attack

    Sorry to hear about your oldest henke she was definately the protector.
  5. drifter

    My babies!!! *One week update! Post 27 outside pics!*

    awwww .. so cute ! Good luck with them
  6. drifter

    When to start grit?

    When you give them grit, just put some in a bowl or do you mix it into their food ?
  7. drifter

    Could they possibly be that hungry????

    When my girls see me commin they swarm to greet me. As soon as I place my hand in the brooder then are all over me. You would think that they hadnt been feed in days ! T i gave them some blueberries ... Oh boy ! They were running around with them ..... gold I tell ya ! GOLD !!!!! LOL
  8. drifter

    They're here! Pics & a question

    I took the paper towels up as soon as i observed them starting to use the feeder ... it too about 3 days and all were using the feeder. Sorry about the little girl that didnt make it
  9. drifter

    Running electrical line to the coop?

    I live in Hunterdon county NJ and will be doing the same thing. I am running direct burial 12-2 line 12 inches below the surface. Main reason is so I dont hit it with a shovel. If you are going to wire it directly into the breaker box then you will have to have a permit, inspection, blah blah...
  10. drifter

    How to sell small farm eggs

    Maybe because you are selling them at a farmers market is the key requiring you to have them inspected. Around me people just out their eggs in ang a sign ($3.00 a dozen) and they go. I would continue to just keep them out with your sign ... its just a matter of time before people see it and...
  11. drifter

    Confused...what does this law mean? How would you interpert this?

    Call your town planning board. the law dosent come out and say you cant have chickens on less then 3 acres. It just says that if you have more then 3 acres you cannot keep more then 25 birds per acre.
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