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    Most Likely Predator ?

  2. jujube2

    Rooster with Partially removed Beak

    I am attempting to attach a photo of my Brahma boy and am receiving a you do not have permission to create attachments message. How can I receive permission to send attachments again?
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    Rooster Losing Top Beak

    Hello, My Brahma boy had an injury to his top beak that left the tip broken off last season. Today we found him with the top beak partially off just about halfway and partially attached on the right side. He was not involved in any fights as he has his own private coop and is alone in his run...
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    What is Tis Eye Problem?

    Hi, My 9 month old Partridge Rock did not look this way 2 days ago. Only her left eye has this problem. She is recovering from a sprained left leg after which she was attacked by the flock and loss the majority of her neck and back feathers and received some nasty cuts and bruises. She was...
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    Update and Question

    Hello, It is a relief to see much improvement in Lizzie and Missy, my set of partridge rocks. They both seem to have been injured by coop mates. I was able to take Lizzie out for a bit of sun and green nibbling today. She is standing and walking with a quick adjustment to what seems to be...
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    Limping Partridge Rock Hen

    This 8 month old hen looked like this top photo on 2/4/14, photos below shows her on yesterday 2/8 after returning from a 2 day trip. We found her squatting at the coop door. When opened she jumped to the ground after limping to get out of the coop. Once on the ground she limped favoring her...
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    Clear Slimy Liquid Dripping From Beak

    Hello, My 7 month old Americana hen started moving slowly, separating herself from the flock, not eating or drinking. She has a clear slimy fluid dripping from her beak, crop is flat, no sores in the mouth, no lumps any place on the body. We have removed her from the flock, today is day 3...
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    Hello, First flock and first laying hens, need help. We got our first egg 2 days ago, my husband took it from the nesting/egg box and brought it inside. We have not seen more eggs for the past 2 days. Are we supposed to leave the egg in the nest until there is more than 1? I have also seen...
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    The Happy Flock at 20 Weeks

    First egg today!
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    The Happy Flock at 10 weeks

    Top photo and bottom right photo is same chick, male or female? We are sure bottom left photo is male, does anyone know if photo 2 is a jersey giant male? And photo 3, male dark brahma? The second chick is much smaller and is growing feathers much slower. Bottom chick, jersey male?
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    boys or girls

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    My Happy Little Flock

    What might the top yellow and black chicks be? My first time seeing this sight nearly sent me into shock, it seems this turned out to be a sun bather. My babies at 3-4 days - bottom and at 5 weeks above. I am still not quite sure which breed many of them are, still learning.
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    Hello All

    New to the site as well as to raising chicks. Thanks for the great input as it has helped. How can I attach photos?
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