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  1. DarthLayer

    Weasel attack- Head injury and possible missing eye

    My rooster was attack yesterday morning by a weasel. When I took a closer look at him I notice one of his eyes were closed with a small red blob just on the outside of his eyelid. He shook his head and that fell off. I'm not sure if that was his eye or just some blood that had build up there. He...
  2. DarthLayer

    Are these Saxony ducks?

    Hello everyone! A few months ago I purchased of what I was told were saxony ducklings. Now they are 23 weeks old and they color on them doesn't look like it should be for saxony ducks. Are these saxony ducks or a different breed? Thanks in advance!
  3. DarthLayer

    Do you need a permit to own emus?

    Hi everyone! Like it says above, do I need a permit to own emus? I was thinking of getting only two and I live in Indiana. Thanks!
  4. DarthLayer

    Hen can't stand up

    I have a white rock hen as it says above that can't stand up. This just happened yesterday and I found her crawling around. She's alert,eating, and drinking. I have her inside my house because my other hens were picking on her. If this helps when she was younger (like at 15-17 weeks old) she had...
  5. DarthLayer

    what killed my chickens

    A young roo and two hens were killed and one severely injured. These attacks happened every one and half weeks to every two weeks. The roo was killed and everything was eaten just bones and feathers left. The next one was barely eaten with a hole in her. The next one looked like the rooster. The...
  6. DarthLayer

    Incubator not adjusting temperature

    I just got a new incubator Monday and I have been running it for 5 days now for the temperature to stabilize but its not stabilizing. I have done everything that people have told me to do but its not working. Whenever I turn the thermostat down on it, it does nothing. Am I doing something wrong ?
  7. DarthLayer

    I'm having some incubator problems

    So I got a new incubator Monday. I have been trying to get the humidity and temperature right. I can get the temperature and humidity almost perfect without the vent plugs in but I'm worried when lockdown comes the humidity and temperature are going to rise. With the vent plugs in the humidity...
  8. DarthLayer

    Please Help!

    there's something wrong with my saxony hen. I just notice today that there seemed to be a bump on her back and when I felt it, it seemed that her spine vertebrate right by her hip was arched and a little twisted and crooked. She eats, drinks, walks, and swims fine.
  9. DarthLayer

    Possum head found. What caused this?

    Yesterday my dad found a possum head in our yard and I'm wondering what killed it and is it a threat to my chickens. Three of my chickens have died recently and I thought my flock turned cannibalistic. My chicken that died was practically nothing left of him. My second one had a little bit of...
  10. DarthLayer

    Virtual Pet Cemetery- Remembering Your Best Friends

    Well I didn't know exactly where to put this and I thought here is fine. You can post anything you want about your pets that you have lost here and post pics if you want Penelope- buff silkie hen She died today during surgery because her wound on her back was to great. She was going to turn...
  11. DarthLayer

    Shipped Eggs?

    I'm ordering hatching eggs from a hatchery and I'm really excited :) but I've read you have to let them sit for a day and then put them in an incubator. Is this true? I have never hatched shipped eggs before so any info on what to do after receiving shipped eggs is welcomed.
  12. DarthLayer

    Egyptian Fayoumis ?

    Hi I'm interested in getting Egyptian Fayoumis and I've read they are very hardy of heat, but how hardy are they in the cold? I live where the lowest temperature can be -5 or lower. I plan on putting a heat lamp in my coop just to keep the chickens i have now so there combs don't get frostbite...
  13. DarthLayer

    Blue Ameraucana with Scissor Beak. HELP!!!

    Hi, this is the first time one of my chickens have got scissor beak and I have never dealt with this before. What is the easiest way to care for her? I have read other people use nail files but she is a little skittish and that might be stressful for her. I will post a picture of her tomorrow...
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