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  1. Cannibal

    ISO Bantam Chicks

    Decided to broaden my search. I am looking for almost any bantam chicks now in the Seattle area. I am willing to drive out about 2-3 hours to pick up a chick or pullet. Breeds that I am really into are Bantam Orpingtons, Australorps, Cochins, Easter Eggers, and any mixes of these. Any color is...
  2. Cannibal

    ISO Bantam Cochin Chicken

    Hi! Super new to the forums here ^^" I was wondering if there was anyone in the Seattle area that has any Bantam Cochin Chicks for sale. I would opt for hatching eggs and hatch them myself but I can't find any farms that would take the extra hens/roos if I were to hatch too many. I would be...
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