adding baby chicks to flock

  1. D

    Adding to Flock?

    Been doing quite a bit of research, and am getting mixed results about the Buff Orpington, of which I have 6 (19 weeks, approaching POL). I absolutely love the breed's friendliness and personality, but I'm afraid I won't get as many eggs as I had hoped for. I am thinking about maybe next summer...
  2. cluelesschickmother

    Chaos in the hen house! Need to create peace!

    I will preface by saying that I am a first time chicken owner (but long time animal rescuer) from the city and desperately need help!! I ordered 5 buff silkie chickens at the end of June from an online supplier and they all amazingly arrived healthy and adorable. They immediately took to each...
  3. HippieAtHeart

    How Many Chickens

    I am being gifted a chicken coop, which is much appreciated, I didn’t know when I accepted the offer it also was coming with 7/8 chickens and a rooster. I have already ordered my 3 Plymouth Rock Barred pullets that I get in May. Needless to say, based off the photo do you think this coop will be...
  4. K

    When to introduce my chicks to the rest of the flock

    i have a small flock of 9 month old chickens and guineas (6 total birds) and 3 babies that are almost 9 weeks. They have been in adjoining runs for about a week now. When can I put them together in the coop? As of right now, I carry the littles in and out of our garage everyday. Ready for...
  5. SqueakyRoseShalom

    Can I add one day-old chicks to a flock?

    heya all! Question1- I have a broody hen who has chicks that will be two weeks old on a day when I’m getting new baby chicks. Can I add the baby chicks to the flock? Will mama hen protect them or will they get pecked and trampled to death? If the answer is yes, I can add them, then...
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