1. D

    Adding to Flock?

    Been doing quite a bit of research, and am getting mixed results about the Buff Orpington, of which I have 6 (19 weeks, approaching POL). I absolutely love the breed's friendliness and personality, but I'm afraid I won't get as many eggs as I had hoped for. I am thinking about maybe next summer...
  2. Missjlee4377

    Purple Hair Poultry: The Journey

    I just have to get this out to SOMEONE! Bear with me this first post is a condensed 7 week journey... So here me out, I'm green at this chicken business. I feel like I've moved my way up the ranks you know? Crazy Cat Lady to Plant Lady and now (holy sh*t I have a farmhouse and property, this is...
  3. P

    Ready for a bigger coop.

    Hello everyone, I started with six, year-old chickens; 3 RIR and 3 Barred Plymouth Rocks in a small prefab coop last March. We lost three to hawks and adopted another. Now we have two of each. Looking forward to building a bigger coop and getting about 15, day-old chicks this spring. We are in...
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