1. dldolan

    Seal Fault? Genesis 1588 Hova-Bator

    HI! I've successfully used my Genesis 1588 for three years. This time, the windows were fogged up (humidity at 52%) and most of the time I would have to pressdown on the space above the temp/humidity to move enough of the foggy moisture to see the gauge. Is the seal going bad? What to do? I...
  2. animalyodelers

    Coops in wet, temperate climates? Bedding?

    I live in Washington State, not far from Puget Sound. Our microclimate tends to be a bit warmer and drier in the summer and colder and wetter in the winter than most of western WA, but overall temps are moderate and winters are mostly chilly and damp. My coop floor is concrete pavers dug in a...
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