1. S

    Indoor versus Outdoor Brooder

    As I get ready for chicks in the spring, I keep reading that chicks are very dirty/dusty and will ruin a room in your house if you brood them indoors. My mind immediately began considering an attached, but unheated garage which stays around freezing or above in cold weather. I bought an ecoglow...
  2. rehsanipoor

    Using Ecoglow for water heater... thoughts??

    I have an Ecoglow from our brooder days this past spring. I was thinking of placing a plastic dog bowls on it to keep the water from freezing. I'll have to figure out a way to secure it so it doesn't tip. Any thoughts or opinions?
  3. Brooding Chicks: The First 6 Weeks

    Brooding Chicks: The First 6 Weeks

    Whether you've just hatched your own chicks in your incubator, an ordered batch of chicks from the hatchery has just arrived or you brought home a box of fuzzy butts of joy from the feed store, if you don't have a broody in your coop to raise them you will need to brood and raise them yourself...
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