goose egg hatching

  1. Reebz

    Goose egg CHIRPING when I TURNED it! Advice/Help???

    Hello, my name is Rhi. Thank you for letting me be part of this community :) I am completely new to incubating eggs. During this UK lockdown I thought I’d try my hand at some Embden goose eggs I got given. The first batch (just two eggs) I unfortunately had no success with. However, my...
  2. Ducks and geese7

    Can chicken hatch goose eggs?

    I have broody goose that is sitting on geese eggs. They are due to hatch in 4 days. Last year my goose had a problem with hatching the eggs when the babies startedd pipping. She had crushed the egg when the baby created a hole in the shell. This year I was planning to put the eggs under my...
  3. F

    4/4 Pilgrim goose egg incubation and hatching!

    Thank you to everyone who gave me advice over the past couple of weeks! It was my first incubation and I'm a born worrier so you're patience was appreciated. I had 4 pilgrim goose eggs shipped and all hatched, and I primarily followed this post's guidance for incubation...
  4. F

    How long from "shadowing" to internal pip?

    My 4 pilgrim goose eggs air sacs "dipped down" on Monday (3 days ago) and yesterday I noticed the shadowing around the lower edge of the air sac (when it's facing the correct way up). It looks like something pressing up against the air sac membrane trying to break it in little fluttery irregular...
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