goose ill

  1. Ducks and geese7

    Goose with infected eye. HELP!

    I noticed yesterday that my gander was closing one of his eyes and has been doing so this morning. It doesn't look swelled but his eyes changed from blue to a darker green\brown color. There is a clear liquid coming from his eye. The other eyes is completely fine. Other than that he seems fine...
  2. Bri's Goose

    Stumbling goose

    My goose is about seven months old. August 21st he was found in the coop during morning feed. He was unable to use his legs. He was rushed to a regular pet vet. She gave him a dose of pain med. Seemed to do better for a day. Then he stopped eatting. For about 11 days he didn't eat.Gave him...
  3. C

    Sick goose, eyes closed, looks tired, not eating

    hi, Any advice would be helpful, been to several vets, none of which seem to know anything about geese and cant even tell me the sex. I have a goose 18mths old. A few months ago became very addressive and moody (possibly indicatig a male). But over the last 8days had completely changed. Seems...
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