1. E

    Chicken has croaky, hoarse voice?

    Hi guys, We have a hen that has a croaky and a hoarse voice for nearly 2 weeks now but she seems to be active: drinking, feeding and foraging with the others hens in the garden. Not sure what this is or what we should do!
  2. R3M1X

    Guinea limping and hoarse voice

    Yesterday I noticed one of my very prominent (loud and outspoken) female guineas was not very loud when she made the "Buh-crahh" call it is very much at the same hushness and hoarseness of my adult drake duck. Now today I noticed that she is limping and lays down mostly. She can scoot away...
  3. K

    Hen suddenly has a deep voice?

    Hello my 1 year old hen has suddenly recently got a hoarser deeper voice than usual. She is eating and drinking normally and is digging around normally too. I did feed them fish skin today but I’m wondering if she swallowed it whole to stop the others getting to it. If it is the fish skin, will...
  4. WannaBeHillBilly

    Can ducks develop hoarseness?

    Hi Friends, i just let the ducks out after the first cold night here in WV and noticed that Donald my drake somehow sounds hoarse. I don't know how to describe it, if the ladies say »QUAAACKWAAAKWAAK«, Donald was more like »RRASPRRASPRRASP« and now he sounds like »RRASPRRASPRRASP«. He's saying...
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