1. S

    Indoor versus Outdoor Brooder

    As I get ready for chicks in the spring, I keep reading that chicks are very dirty/dusty and will ruin a room in your house if you brood them indoors. My mind immediately began considering an attached, but unheated garage which stays around freezing or above in cold weather. I bought an ecoglow...
  2. DontChickenOut14

    Few-day-old chicks are huddled up but AWAY from heat lamp??

    I have a group of five chicks that are a few days old and they are all on the opposite side of the heat lamp. I have moved the heat lamp away from them a bit, but they keep doing this. They do not seem sick or lethargic, they just seem to hate the lamp. Any ideas about what I should do? Thanks...
  3. Newduckmommy1221

    Can I use a reptile heat bulb for my duck brooder? Recommendations please!!

    Hi experts!!! Right now I am on week 2 for my Indian runner ducklings! They’re so cute but I feel are getting too hot sometimes with the heat bulb 175Watts I have for them. I’m thinking of either switching to a heat bulb that’s 125watts or 150watts but honestly, the red lighting is blinding and...
  4. Riley Adams

    Why did my lamp explode?!!!!

    I have a duckling and hen, and one of my heat lamps just exploded!!! The wattage is right, but I was hosing out my drinker and I think it got wet. WILL THE DUCKS BE OK IF THEY INHALED ANY OF THE SMOKE?!!! What can I do to help them? Thanks in advance.
  5. Chickadooo

    Chicks range from about 1.5 wks to 3 weeks old- should I switch to a reptile lamp or take away heat?

    Im in Michigan and the weather will be in the high 60's during the day and low 50's at night. My chicks are in a big box brooder in my insulated garage, no drafts and it generally stays pretty warm in there. Being that I have chicks that range from 1.5-3 weeks old, Im not sure what to do with...
  6. cluckkatie

    Garage Transition?

    I'm thinking that once my chicks are four weeks, I'll take them out of the brooder and move them into the garage. It gets down to thirty degrees in there. Will it be too much of a drastic temp drop for them? Or do you think I should keep the lamp on in the garage and then eventually taper off? I...
  7. Allisonlovesnancy

    Best Heat Lamp for a small coop

    We have a small coop with only four egg laying hens that get along well; but they are getting very cold because we are in Michigan and Michigan winters are brutal. What would be the best way to heat their coop so I don't wake up to my girls burnt to the ground or frozen like an icicle?
  8. S

    6.5-week-old chicks and nighttime low temperatures

    Hello, I have 3 six-and-a-half-week-old chicks (light brahma, barred plymouth rock, amauricana) who are starting to be crowded in their brooder, and we're working on building them a coop right now. I followed the recommended temp charts for them as they grew, but now that they are over 6 weeks...
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