mereks disease

  1. themidnightmama

    Hen not putting weight on legs.

    I have a 2-month-old white leghorn hen who is not putting any weight on her legs. It started about a week ago, when I noticed she was not putting weight on one leg. I brought her inside to watch her. I ruled out bumble foot since I see no evidence. My next thought was a possible injury, and I...
  2. kemoldenhauer

    Mereks disease

    After 23 yrs of raising birds, My flock finally has it. Booooooo!. lost 3 hen hatched-3 month olds already. Need to cull a few older birds that show signs of infection but seem ok. I have read all I can about it. Wondering tho.. if it is a herpes virus, couldn’t I give them an L-Lysine...
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