quail question

  1. lexilewis2001

    Basic Coturnix Quail Questions

    Hi, it's been about 2 years since I've used this site to ask questions or to post in general so forgive me for any errors in this thread.. but I just added 5 baby coturnix quail to my homestead. I had a couple questions about getting started with a breeding program more designed towards egg...
  2. Chaoth

    Switching from Chickens to Quail in same pen?

    Hello, everyone! I currently have 6 chickens (all silkies, the mama and her 5 chicks who are nearly grown now) but we want to switch out from chickens to quail in the near future. We are planning to give our current chickens to good homes once we find them, and we want to re-use their coop area...
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